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Posts from September 2011

Rectodus Society felt like an infomercial for sexually oppressed men wanting to explore their gay side

The members have different reasons for joining the Rectodus Society of Next Door Buddies but all are struggling to walk the straight path. So, the motto is "turning you gay so she doesn't have to". To do this, they came up with 5 steps to conquer on their own with another guy or as a group of guys which involved touching, kissing, sucking, fucking but rimming was optional.


Not everyone conquered the 5 steps. Only 5 of the 9 guys kissed another guy. Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd did not kiss or suck a cock. Since it was optional, only 4 guys participated in the rimming process. Vance Crawford did not fuck or got fucked even if he said he joined the society because he wanted to fuck an ass.

Lame or not, at least Next Door Studios is doing something different.

The latest exclusive of Next Door Studios is Brody Wilder aka Nash of Chaos Men

He was first seen as Hurley in 2008 at Frat Men. Then, in 2009, he was known as Nash at Chaos Men (CM). His last scene released by CM was last April of this year.

Hurley_aka_nash_01 Hurley_aka_nash_02

He had more than 15 bareback scenes at Chaos Men. His first action scene was a flip fuck with Dyson. A new tattoo appeared on his left arm with his scene with Zane last July 2009. My favorite scene of him is with Vander released last Nov 2010. His last scene at Chaos Men was a tag team with Kristopher and Kent released last April 2011.

Nash_chaosmen_01 Nash_chaosmen_02 
Nash_chaosmen_03 Nash_chaosmen_04 
Nash_chaosmen_05 Nash_chaosmen_06 
Nash_chaosmen_07 Nash_chaosmen_08 
Nash_chaosmen_09 Nash_chaosmen_10 
Nash_chaosmen_11 Nash_chaosmen_12 

Read at QMN that the new exclusive model of Next Door Studios is Brody Wilder who we all know is Nash from Chaos Men. His first scene will be released this November 3, a threesome with James Jamesson and Brandon Lewis.


More of Brody Wilder. Less of the guys with a lot of reservations when it comes to gay sex like Cody Cummings, Trystan Bull, Tyler Torro and even Samuel O'Toole.

Former Corbin Fisher models pair up at Falcon Studios - Mason Wyler and Jesse Santana

They were never paired up at Corbin Fisher. Mason's scenes were released in 2005 while Jesse's scenes were released in 2006. Only Mason had a scene where he topped his partner.

I was a huge fan of Jesse when he worked for Cobin Fisher. My favorite scene of him was with Patrick.

Corbinfisher_mason_jesse_01 Corbinfisher_mason_jesse_02 
Corbinfisher_mason_jesse_03 Corbinfisher_mason_jesse_04 
Corbinfisher_mason_jesse_05 Corbinfisher_mason_jesse_06 

The two are paired in the latest movie by Falcon Studios - Blind Lust. This is the return of Mason Wyler to a scene where his partner wore a condom.


Jack Taylor from College Dudes and Broke Straight Boys

Both College Dudes (CD) and Broke Straight Boys (BSB) are owned by the same company. I think if a guy, such as Jack Taylor, has done a solo at BSB, he should go straight into an action scene at CD. I know they won't do it since both porn sites follow a pattern.

Jack's solo at BSB was released last June 2011. He is now the latest update at CD this week

Jack_taylor_bsb_cd_01 Jack_taylor_bsb_cd_02 
Jack_taylor_bsb_cd_03 Jack_taylor_bsb_cd_04 

Jack has done 4 scenes with Broke Straight Boys where he fucked one boy and was fucked by two boys.