More Brandon at Sean Cody
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Some Sean Cody guys with Model Mayhem profiles (Thanks Holla At Me)

ONE Andrew, who also did str8 porn as Brian Jacobs, appeared at Sean Cody with only a solo last March 2011. He also did a solo at Paragon Men using the name Jason Landis, same name he used for his Model Mayhem profile.

SC_andrew_jason_01 SC_andrew_jason_02 
SC_andrew_jason_03 SC_andrew_jason_04 

TWO The solo of Nicholas was released by Sean Cody last June 2011. His profile can only be accessed if you are member of Model Mayhem.

SC_nicholas_stephen_01 SC_nicholas_stephen_02 
SC_nicholas_stephen_03 SC_nicholas_stephen_04 

THREE It was only Nick who agreed to return for the second time at Sean Cody where he was paired with Jeffrey. His profile is also for members only.

SC_nick_jeremy_01 SC_nick_jeremy_02 
SC_nick_jeremy_03 SC_nick_jeremy_04 

UPDATE SEPT 16 Radar Online just made a post about Nick's connection with an actress who worked for Bold And The Beautiful (Thanks to Matthew for sending me the link).