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Another gay for pay porn star took the next step in gay porn - Patrick aka Paddy O'Brian fucked Mr Gay UK 2007 (Thanks Scotty)

It's not only Cody Cummings who took another step in gay porn. English Lads convinced Paddy O'Brian, no blindfolds, to fuck a guy.

The first English Lad who sucked his suck was also the first guy he fucked at English Lads - Mr Gay UK 2007. Photos are now available at English Lads. Unfortunately, allowed photos to be used by bloggers have not been sent. The only allowed & available picture is the one below.


Description of the scene from English Lads "...this straight man got on with the job and pumped Dan so hard I think he didn’t catch his breath for several days! Who wouldn’t want to be the first to get fucked by straight geezer Paddy! Wow what a shoot, Paddy you sure gave it to Dan!".

Cody Cummings in a flip/fuck with Brandon Lewis this Dec 14, 2011? (Thanks Jeremy)

This is too good to be true. There has to be a catch. Cody Cummings is doing MORE in one scene compared to all his previous gay scenes combined.

This scene was very tiring for Cody Cummings. It was not your usual scene where Cody just stood, sat or laid down and emoted in front of the camera. When I watched the preview, I got tired for him :)


This Cody Cumming scene is called Fantasy Fulfilled to be released this coming Dec. 14, 2011.

Happy with the new porn site Men?

Men has been releasing one scene per day from Monday to Sunday every week. That's 30 to 31 scenes a month for the price of $25.


According to Gay Porn Dirt "The fast pace of releases on Men is taking a big bite out of the profits at the competitors websites so much so that a secret powwow was held to discuss ways in which the fledgling studio could be stifled or slowed down by the competition." There were 8 studios who met to discuss Men.

[latest scenes of Men for the past 9 days]

Are you happy with the new porn site Men? It's time to express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the new kid on the block.

Owned by the same company but they still changed his name - Hunter Degan of College Dudes is now Ross of Broke Straight Boys

FYI College Dudes was bought by the owners of Broke Straight Boys in 2010.

He only had a solo as Hunter Degan at College Dudes in 2009. He is now known as Ross at Broke Straight Boys.

Hunter_degan_aka_ross_01 Hunter_degan_aka_ross_02 
Hunter_degan_aka_ross_03 Hunter_degan_aka_ross_04 
Hunter_degan_aka_ross_05 Hunter_degan_aka_ross_06 
Hunter_degan_aka_ross_07 Hunter_degan_aka_ross_08 

As Ross, he is doing more than a solo in gay porn at Broke Straight Boys.


Changing names for Wally aka Otis and Andrew aka Reed (Thanks Josh & Jason)

WALLY aka OTIS He first appeared at Like Em Straight as Wally last Oct. 2010 where he had 3 scenes. This week, he is the latest guy at Island Studs using the name Otis. [Thanks Josh]

Wally_otis_02 Wally_otis_03 

ANDREW aka REED Early this year, he appeared as Andrew at Spunk Worthy. This week, he is the latest guy at Chaos Men (CM) using the name Reed. CM mentioned that Reed has done a solo before. [Thanks Jason]

Andrew_reed_01 Andrew_reed_02 
Andrew_reed_03 Andrew_reed_04 
Andrew_reed_05 Andrew_reed_06