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Mugshot of Sam Crockett (Thanks Keith)

Sam Crockett started porn in 1994 when DVD was still non existent. His porn career ended in 2006 and according to IAFD, he made more than 100 porn movies. Last April 22, 2011, at age 49, he was arrested in North Carolina for driving without a license, possession of marijuana and a drug paraphernalia.

Comparing his April 22, 2011 mugshot with 2 photos from Falcon Studios and 1 photo from Channel 1 Releasing.

Sam_crockett_mugshot Sam_crockett_01 
Sam_crockett_02 Sam_crockett_03 

Sam Crockett is a member of the Sam Crockett Fan Club at Yahoo Groups. He used his real name in sending messages to this group. His last message sent to the group was in 2009.