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Posts from December 2011

THANK YOU and Happy New Year to Everyone!

THANK YOU to all those who sent me porn information via email, twitter and Facebook. Very grateful to von Schlomo, Alias74, Estelle, Geerdo, ShawnMason, Flygal, Jean-Francois, C.A., Jason401, Holla At Me, Bo, Alon M, Peeter, GMan, Deran, mar.ble, Nneoma, Matt, Ben, Ken, Marshall, Jeremy, Josh, Jason, Nico, Steve, Seaguy, Keith, Chuliaka, Steven, Terry, Arnulf, Erick, Paul, Allicide, Saimon, Random Guy, Arundel, Ryan, Brandon, Hunkpool, John, Matthew, WEhore, Sir Percy, Richard, Brian, Rick, Dave, Kevin, Nicholas, Kino, SC, Jay, Gary, Andrea, Michael, Tom in Portland, Adam, Guys for the Camera, Scott, and Jim.

THANK YOU to all those who took the time to write a comment. Every post in a blog becomes more interesting when you share your thoughts/opinions/ideas. Besides the tipsters, thank you Steve454, Calais, Asenath, James, Spongey, pdxbuck, Jack, beto, Wldone, cutlass, hunkpool, MOC blog, PabloZed, Cal Q. Later, peter, C., gazzaq, Steven, tom, GayPornFans, LC, Yeltsin, kevin, Bull, jackfeirytheonlyone, Kevin, The Pied Piper, hhj, ..

THANK YOU to all those who read this blog.


Did TIM implie that Ethan Wolfe is HIV+? (Thanks Ben)

In a Paul Morris forum posted last year by Chris Cunningham "We never give out the HIV status of our models. Let me repeat that: We NEVER give out or discuss the HIV status of our models or any of their personal info."


TIM's description of Ethan Wolfe's scene with Jackson Taylor (aka Gerin) "JACKSON TAYLOR is a 20-year-old from Texas. When we told him he could get fucked by ETHAN WOLFE, he jumped at the chance: the kid is truly hungry for cock. But before we set anything up, I sent him a photo of ETHAN's brand-new tattoo: a big brazen biohazard right above his fat cock. "Just want you to know what you're getting into here," I said. JACKSON wrote back one word: "YES!""

From Urban Dictionary on Biohazzard Tattoo "It has been adopted by many in the gay and HIV+ communities to identify people with HIV/AIDS to their potential sexual partners."

Austin outside Chaos Men (Thanks Deran and Ben)

Austin was introduced by Chaos Men and serviced by Ransom last April 2011. He had 4 bareback scenes where he topped in all 4 and a flip/fuck with Stone. His latest scene with Teo, was just released this week.

Austin_chaosmen_02 Austin_chaosmen_03 

This week, using the same name, he is the latest update at It's Gonna Hurt [gallery & mobile] and Out In Public [mobile]. He bottomed in both scenes.


We still have to wait to fully enjoy Mick Lovell's scene as a bottom (Thanks Tom in Portland)

Mick Lovell as a bottom had been posted on the preview page of Belami Online. Unfortunately, it is a two part series.


A comment from Tom in Portland on the post about Mick Lovell as a versatile "Bel Ami repeatedly advertised this Mick Lovell/Phillip update as being a two parter to be posted on December 28 and 29th. They posted what looks like a heavily edited down clip on the 28th, but then posted a scene with two other models today, the 29th. Several blogs are using stills that show footage, like Mick getting fucked on his back, that is not in the clip that Bel ami actually posted. In fact Bel ami is currently using one of those stills as the lead picture on its preview page. Kind of misleading IMHO. Several posts on the website asking what happened and even including screen captures from the ads claiming a two part update, but so far no answers from Bel ami. Wonder what happened."

Let us revisit Connor's hole at Corbin Fisher (Thanks Jim)

Connor is one of the top 5 guys I love at Corbin Fisher. The last time he was fucked by a guy was last February 2011. It was with Jarrett. His latest is a str8 scene (posted on ACS and Corbin's Coeds) where Corbin Fisher showed the current state of his hole :)


The scene ends with Olivia eating cum and sharing it with Connor. It would hot been hotter if Connor was sharing it with another guy.


Comparing the hole of Olivia with Connor

Connor_hole_01 Connor_hole_02 

So True? So False? From Randy Blue "Hayden Clark was about to do his first on screen hardcore scene"

The latest at Randy Blue paired Hayden Clark with Jayden Tyler [gallery]. The first sentence in the description of the scene was "Hayden Clark was about to do his first on screen hardcore scene and Jayden Tyler couldn't be more excited."

Hayden_clark_randyblue_01 Hayden_clark_randyblue_02

SO FALSE! Hayden Clark was Brad at Sean Cody where he fucked Mitchell.


New guy Chandler at Corbin Fisher is the latest update at Unglory Hole as Ben (Thanks Scott)

Chandler is currently the latest upate at Corbin Fisher, released last Dec. 26, 2011. Today, using the name Ben, he is also the latest update at Unglory Hole [mobile].


Thanks to NC's comment that Ben also appeared as a TOP at Bait Bus, with scene title Paging Dr Ben, released last Nov. 25, 2011.


He also appeared at Haze Him [mobile] as a BOTTOM, with scene title What does It Take To Be A Brother, released last Nov. 24, 2011.