Unless you are getting paid to do it, Sean Cody does not recommend bareback :)
So True? So False? From Randy Blue "Hayden Clark was about to do his first on screen hardcore scene"

New guy Chandler at Corbin Fisher is the latest update at Unglory Hole as Ben (Thanks Scott)

Chandler is currently the latest upate at Corbin Fisher, released last Dec. 26, 2011. Today, using the name Ben, he is also the latest update at Unglory Hole [mobile].


Thanks to NC's comment that Ben also appeared as a TOP at Bait Bus, with scene title Paging Dr Ben, released last Nov. 25, 2011.


He also appeared at Haze Him [mobile] as a BOTTOM, with scene title What does It Take To Be A Brother, released last Nov. 24, 2011.