Fratmen JP wants to be an elite fitness model (Thanks Holla At Me)
1313: UFO Invasion will include Aron Matthews of Spunk Worthy & Dirty Tony (Thanks Silver)

Chuck of Chaos Men = Jordan of Corbin Fisher (Thanks Alias74 & @interpolic13)

Chuck maybe the latest guy at Chaos Men but the porn site admitted that he is now working for another studio "Chuck has moved on to other video work, so a solo seems a step back from what he is currently doing.  But again, I am guessing not everyone belongs to every site, so I hope Chaos Men fans will enjoy his solo...and next week's Edge video." Chuck is currently working for Corbin Fisher using the name Jordan.

Chuck (left) versus Jordan (right)

Jordan_thennow_01 Jordan_thennow_02 
Jordan_thennow_03 Jordan_thennow_04 

As Jordan at Corbin Fisher, he had two str8 scenes where he was fucked by a dildo with his scene with Ashley, released last Dec. 7, 2011.


His first gay action paired him with Trey, released last Dec 15, 2011.

Jordan_corbin_fisher_03 Jordan_corbin_fisher_04 
Jordan_corbin_fisher_05 Jordan_corbin_fisher_06 

Last Dec 23, 2011, his bisexual scene with Rudy and Ashley was released. Jordan was fucked by Ashley, who wore a strap on. Jordan ate Rudy's cum from Ashley's bleep bleep :)


Thanks to Holla At Me for this additional information that Chuck/Jordan was featured at Masculine Magazine (as Rick D) & Temptation of Eve (as RJ) "It now seems that several of the models who have worked with Mike Downs have made their way into porn..."

Chuck_jordan_01 Chuck_jordan_02