1313: UFO Invasion will include Aron Matthews of Spunk Worthy & Dirty Tony (Thanks Silver)
More bareback scenes with Jacob Durham at Fraternity X (Thanks Alias74)

Do you have a question for Dawson of Corbin Fisher?

I am not good with Q&A but Alias74 convinced me to do it and he was kind enough to volunteer to help me. Luckily, I was in an email conversation with Chip of Corbin Fisher regarding Connor and he mentioned the Connor interview with The Sword. He told me I could ask any of the CF guys, except for Connor, who was already interviewed. So, I thought of Calvin (oops that SC) - JUST KIDDING. The first name that my Denz Jr. gave me was Dawson (who was recently creampied at CF Select). Yup, I think with my cock :)

Dawson_corbinfisher_01 Dawson_corbinfisher_02 
Dawson_corbinfisher_03 Dawson_corbinfisher_04 

I already have a list of questions but I want to give other fellow porn fans a chance to ask Dawson a question. Just send it to me via email at menofporn@gmail.com. To make it a suprise, please don't post your question/s on this blog. I will send the questions to Corbin Fisher in 24 hours.

If there will be a lot of questions, I will have to choose from the list of questions to narrow it down. FYI, from CF "We reserve the right to not answer questions that infringe on the models' or their family and friends' privacy, our business practices, etc." So, don't ask Dawson about his hairline as it infringes privacy. JUST KIDDING!

For the record, I am a fan of Dawson since he started at Corbin Fisher.