The next porn star to go bareback - Nick Moretti (Thanks Alias74)
From Bo on the changing of name of Nikko Alexander to Dean Slater and Chris Slater

Lance of Sean Cody = Link of Straight Fraternity

Lance's solo was released by Sean Cody last Dec 2009. He is now Link at Straight Fratenity.

Lance_link_straightfraternity_seancody_02 Lance_link_straightfraternity_seancody_01

Lance was fucked in all his 7 scenes at Sean Cody.The last scene released of him by SC was July 2011.

Lance_seacody_01 Lance_seacody_02 
Lance_seacody_03 Lance_seacody_04 

The straight side of Lance was still fucked at Devin Bitches by Isis Love [gallery], who wore a strap-on dildo.

Lance_devinebithces_01 Lance_devinebithces_02

In this week's scene at Straight Fraternity, Link got sucked by the owner of the porn site.