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Sam Crockett to make a comeback via SX Video (Thanks Seaguy11 & Eugene)

Fans of Sam Crockett like his Yahoo Group will rejoice that Sam is coming back to porn since he retired from porn in 2006. He worked in gay porn for almost 12 years.

The only recent picture of Sam Crockett, 49, is a mugshot from his arrest last April 2011 for driving without a license, possession of marijuana and a drug paraphernalia. Thanks to Seaguy11 who informed me that SX Video tweeted last Jan. 20 that Sam Crockett will be working for them.

Sam_crockett_mugshot Sam_crockett_mugshot_02 

UPDATE (Thanks Eugene) You don't have to wait for SX Video to release a Sam Crockett scene. Sam and Matt Sizemore are doing LIVE cam shows at Flirt4Free. According to a tweet sent by Matt Sizemore, they will have a show tonight.


Sam Crockett is now on Twitter.

The IAFD info said his career spanned from 1994 to 2006 but the info on Flirt4Free said that he has been gone from porn for 10 years.