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A scene that went from str8 to gay (NSFSGE)

Again, NSFSGE means not safe for sensitive gay eyes as it contains a naked woman.

Normally in sites like My Husband is Gay (part of Phoenixxx), the woman is just part of the conversation between two guys talking about the guy's wife while his friend segways the conversation to gay sex. But, in the latest scene of My Husband is Gay, it started with the guy having sex with his wife and the wife had to leave, leaving the husband with "unfinished business". The wife's brother entered the picture and convinced his brother in law to finish his "business" with him.

Myhusbandisgay_01 Myhusbandisgay_02 
Myhusbandisgay_03 Myhusbandisgay_04 
Myhusbandisgay_05 Myhusbandisgay_06 

Like a daytime soap opera, the next update should be the husband left his wife for his wife's father :) - you thought I was going to say brother.