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Posts from February 2012

Porn site owners Jake Cruise & Daddy Mugs have a new competitor - Seth Chase

Add Seth Chase to the list of porn site owners with their own self titled porn site. The content of Seth Chase comes from his scenes he filmed with his 3 other porn sites - Suck Off Guys, Fuck Off Guys & Bareback Palace.


I think this site was meant for fans (please comment your joy, happiness and satisfaction that it's finally here) of Seth Chase.

SIDE by SIDE comparison of the three porn site owners - Jake Cruise, Daddy Mugs and Seth Chase. Whose hard on reign supreme?

Owners_jakecruise Owners_daddymugs Owners_sethchase

The hottest porn site owners in front of the camera? Austin & Zane

The two started as porn stars working for Straight College Men using the names Tucker (now known as Austin) and Max (now known as Zane). These two gay for pay porn stars left SCM and started their own porn site last March 2011 & named it AustinZane.

Austin_zane_02 Austin_zane_03 

AustinZane releases 5 to 7 scenes a month. The latest to join AustinZane is Tony Newport.


The ass invasion of Emanuel Brazzo

Emmanuel_brazzo_solo_01 Emmanuel_brazzo_solo_02

Emanuel Brazzo have had scenes as a top for Cocksure Men and a bottom for Gay Room and Men.

Emmanuel_brazzo_jorge_men_01 Emmanuel_brazzo_jorge_men_02 

I don't think he had a hard time taking a dick inside his hole. He was able to take a fist at Stud Fist. The scene was called Ass Invasion.


If you want to see the complete image, the scene is located at the bottom of this page.

The model in Peyton of Corbin Fisher and Vance of Fratmen (Thanks Holla At Me)

PEYTON Peyton's solo and str8 action were released by Corbin Fisher this year. He has been in competitive bodybuilding for 2 years.

Peyton_corbinfisher_modelmayhem_01 Peyton_corbinfisher_modelmayhem_02 
Peyton_corbinfisher_modelmayhem_03 Peyton_corbinfisher_modelmayhem_04 
Peyton_corbinfisher_modelmayhem_05 Peyton_corbinfisher_modelmayhem_06 

VANCE His solo was released by Fratmen last August of 2010.

Vance_fratmen_modelmayhem_01 Vance_fratmen_modelmayhem_02 
Vance_fratmen_modelmayhem_03 Vance_fratmen_modelmayhem_04 
Vance_fratmen_modelmayhem_05 Vance_fratmen_modelmayhem_06 

NOTE I was told that I should not link on the model's Model Mayhem profile as it may contain their real name. I always thought models used aliases at Model Mayhem.

The latest mega site - Big Daddy

A megasite gives you access to the content of multiple sites - examples are Men, Gay Room, & Next Door World. The owners of Out In Public, Its Gonna Hurt, Unglory Hole, Ex BF, Thug Hunter, Rub Him, & Project City Bus created their own mega site called Big Daddy for $29.95 a month.


Just be careful when signing up since it has a pre-checked box that will increase your monthly membership fee.