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Interview - the MOP20: Christopher Daniels

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Q1 You're like what I'd consider a 'stealth' adult film performer - you kinda debuted under the radar and then after several clips under your belt: you EXPLODED into popularity! Discuss how you got started...

Zeb_atlas_christopher_daniels Zeb_atlas_christopher_daniels_02 Zeb_atlas_christopher_daniels_03

Christopher Daniels (CD): I got started in porn when Zeb Atlas was filming his movie "The Boyfriend" here in Las Vegas in fall of 2010. One of his models didn't show up and he needed a replacement. He went to and found my profile, called me and asked if I wanted to be in a porn. I figured it was now or never so I said sure and was filming porn 2 hours later.

Q2 You identify as 'gay'... and oddly enough it would appear that most of your scene partners are gay identified. How do you feel about performing with "gay for pay" performers (i.e. Next Door Studios) and even straight directors and staff (such as Men)?

Trent_diesel_christopher_danielsCD: I generally don't like performing with straight guys/G4P/ "Bi" models bc I can't create chemistry with another model when they refuse to kiss me, won't rim, doesn't like sucking dick, and has to have his eyes glued to straight porn while we fuck. With that being said, one of the hottest scenes I have done was with Trent Diesel who is married and bi so I've come to realize not everyone is the same. One question that continues to confuse me is if you are straight, then why do you have a dick up your asshole??? Are times really that tough or are you just not very bright? I don't get it. As far as working with straight directors/staff... they're definitely not all the same. Just because someone isn't gay doesn't mean they don't know how to create hot gay sex. I've actually had more beefs with a few gay directors (actually only one or two) who seemed like they could care less about gay porn and were more concerned about making Happy Hour then creating a quality scene. As for Men, I think Laura is basically like a gay man trapped inside a woman's body. She knows what she's doing and is just as much of a sex pig as the rest of us! I love working with her (as well as Mr Pam) and they both do great work.

Q3 My only impression of Las Vegas shows is either the Celine Dion show or the movie 'Showgirls'. But, what's it like working as a performer in Las Vegas?

CD: It all depends on the crowd you hang with. Vegas has tons of conservative Mormons who never go to the strip, but it also has a very diverse crowd of show people and performers. People always say this city has no culture but I think we're headed in the right direction and stuff is happening. I recommend anyone interested in learning a bit more about Vegas should watch a Showtime Documentary called Naked Las Vegas. It was done a few years ago ( Im actually featured in it) and its an interesting look at people who live in this crazy city.

Q4 You have a RentBoy ad (AWESOME SAUCE!)... one has to believe that being a notable porn star can only increase the number of companion requests. Care to share your most romantic night with a client?

CD: I started porn to promote the escorting and it has worked in my favor. Escorting has opened doors I never knew existed and I have met countless of amazing individuals doing it.  Most romantic night with a client? Escorts are sworn to secrecy and the last thing I need is the escort mafia after me. Next question please.

Q5 Once again you gotta believe there are some over-zealous fans and 'Alex Forrest's' out there....Any scary or uncomfortable run-ins with fans? What's the weirdest request from a fan/client?

CD: I feel like I have a pretty normal and down to earth  group of "fans". I get crazy requests through my rentboy ad all the time and I'll usually listen to their requests which can be anything from a cleaveland steamer to beating the crap out of their balls and usually politely decline but then again times are tough so it all depends on my mood.

Q6 You are an avid Crossfit-er! And clearly, it has an impact - you look ripped and in fighting trim (!). Can you explain Crossfit (briefly for the uninitiated) and share your experience? And what's your diet like? Any skincare tips?

CD: I got started in crossfit over 2 years ago because I was dating a guy (porn star Spencer Williams) who is an avid crossfitter. Crossfit Training is a strength and conditioning brand that combines gymnastics, sprinting, weightlifting, powerlifting, rowing, kettlebell training and medicine ball training. I loathe going to the gym and lifting weights so Crossfit is perfect because  every day is different and the WODs (workout of the day) consist of different movements. If you're looking for the next step in physical fitness then try crossfit.  As far as my diet, I try to a diet of lean meats, vegetables, nuts and fruit. No processed foods, soda and very little carbs. Skin care? Drink water, sleep 8 hours a night, limited meth/crack use and oil of olay twice a day.

Dog_christopher_danielsQ7 Tell us about your dog whom you clearly have great affection for.

CD: I have 2 cockerspaniel/poodle mixes and their names are Faust and Finnegan. They are the loves of my life and they are my little buddies. I love what I do and being able to travel but the hardest part is leaving my pups home when I'm on the road.

Q8 Bareback is a divisive issue polarizing a LOT of performers, studios, and audiences (some even speculated to be pro-condom publicly but bareback privately) but clearly it sells. How do you feel about it?

CD: This question continues to boggle my mind and I don't know what the answer is. What you do behind closed doors is your business. Knowing your status and getting checked regularly is your responsibility and NOT the studios. I get tested for everything every three months because I'm a hypochondriac and overly paranoid but I'm not going to lie and say every time I have had sex I have been safe. Hello... I'm a horny gay dude and common sense is not my forte. What I REALLY don't like to see is studios who were adamant about not using models who have done bareback use models who are very open being POZ and some who even have escort ads that advertise offering bareback sex. Where do you draw the line? Also, now a days you see porn studios using models who have done bareback porn, which confuses me even more. Can someone please explain the rules to me again?  Regardless of whether or not you're having sex on camera or in your personal life there is always going to be a risk. This may not make sense but I assume everyone is POZ yet I refuse to stigmatize POZ men. Some of the hottest men I know are POZ and thank God we no longer live in an age where having the virus is a kiss of death and I refuse to live in fear. Just be smart and wrap it up.


Q9 Name your favorite scene partner... AND without naming or giving away the scene, blind item the worst experience either filming or with a scene partner (again without naming names if it's possible). 

Adam_killian_christopher_daniels Do_christopher_daniels

CD: Favorite scene partners? I've had so many but I will definitely have to say D.O., Spencer Reed, Trevor Knight, Adam Killian, Hunter Marx, Trace Michaels, Tyler Saint, Luke Haas, Dominic Pacifico, Vito Galo (to name a few) and one of my LEAST favorites would have to be a gay for pay model who literally put my dick in his mouth, started gagging and his eyes started watering. After 30 seconds he says "Im sorry... I can't suck dick. It makes me wanna throw up!!!!" If you don't like sucking cock then DON'T FILM GAY PORN! 2 months later this model was signed as an exclusive with a major studio and I am left feeling confused as to why someone who hates sucking dick is going to be the poster child for a studio that caters to guys that LOVE TO SUCK DICK. Sometimes I don't get the porn industry. 

Q10 You did a film for Lucas Raunch which, judging from the trailer, is going to be one hot scene and you'll be featured in Titan's upcoming 'Incubus 2'. After what seems almost a year's worth of work you seem to be stepping out into kink territory more (your Rentboy ad actually indicates you are into S&M and fisting). Is this a new development for you personally and professionally? Are we going to see you in more kinky scenes, maybe even witnessing that beautiful butt fisted onscreen?

Lucas_raunch_christopher_daniels_01 Lucas_raunch_christopher_daniels_02 Lucas_raunch_christopher_daniels_03

CD: I've always been into things like S&M, WS, BDSM and fisting. I'm not so much of a fisting bottom but I love being a FF top. The sensation of being inside someone with your fist is unreal and I love it. I may come across as a boy next door but looks are deceiving. I will never do something on camera I wouldn't do in my personal life. As far as me being a fisting bottom, I will follow in the words of Steve Cruz when he told me "You don't need to do a fisting scene until you need to pull a Madonna in your porn career". So there you have it. My rose bud will be kept hidden for a few years at least.

Q11 Will we EVER see Christopher Daniels in a straight porn clip? How about with trans-gender performers? 

CD: Never say never but straight porn? Probably not. Trans porn? I love me some Trans girls but probably not.

Q12 You logged clips for both original content internet studios (Cocksure Men, Men, Big Daddy) and media content studios (Titan, Lucas Entertainment). Compare and contrast what it's like shooting for internet site versus a big studio production?

CD: I feel like most (not all) internet studios take less time to film and sometimes the shoot will only last a few hours. Media content studios generally take longer to film, go on location shoots and treat shoots like actual projects/films. Both have their downsides and to be honest Im fine with doing both. Im not shooting porn for the quick money, I see it as a form of art and I like being apart of something artistic and sexy. One of the reasons I do porn is because I like being apart of projects where studios are truly invested in producing a quality product, where their models look beautiful and they produce some amazing jerk off material. One (of many) studios that does this is Lucas. Say what you want to about Michael Lucas but that man creates beautiful porn and his crew are on top of their game.

Q13 Your Twitter feed is a BLAST! HYSTERICAL!!!!! Discuss how you feel about social networking and how it's changed the face of porn with respect to connecting with fans and more or less privacy for performers.

CD: Im glad you enjoy my twitter:) I wasn't around in the porn scene before twitter so Im not sure the pros and cons of social networking in the industry are. In a way I think it may have been better before when the public couldn't interact with models , because if you read some of the shit pornstars say you'll see not all of them should be given a platform to speak on. I think its important for the fans to have a personal connection to  their favorite pornstar but having a soap box to stand on can be some peoples downfall.  One of my favorite terms I have heard in the industry is when a pornstar has a "twitter meltdown" Really people? Its not that serious!

Q14 On your blog, you shared a pretty personal moment with a fan from Baltimore who was closeted but noted that you were kind of an inspiration to him. You commented that porn wasn't 'God's work' but that it was nice to have that kind of recognition. Do you think that porn performers should be looked upon as role models? Does porn affect or induce viewers to engage in otherwise potentially risky behavior?

CD: Before I started in the industry I used to follow a couple pornstars on myspace and facebook. It used to be blew my mind because some of these guys seriously thought (and still do think) they are huge celebrities and should be applauded whenever they fart or tweet about a dump they took. It wasn't until I started doing porn I realized pornstars are not exactly huge celebrities (and having 10,000 twitter followers means shit) but they are role models and we play a very important part in the gay community. I remember being a nerdy, closeted teen and going to great lengths to read a porn magazine or rent an XXX video (this was before the internet people). It was one of the few places I could escape to feel some type of connection with another guy even if he wasn't real which is why I believe models (and escorts) are a vital part of our society. SO SUCK IT SANTORUM!  We were all given free will and regardless of what people are doing in porn we should be able to make our own decisions based on facts and reality. Is watching Dawson from TIM be a cum dumpster for 50 guys hot? Duh, Yes! Am I going to do it? No. Screaming at porn companies and telling them they are responsible for irresponsible, risky behavior is a cop out. We were all given a brain so use it.

Q15 So we've covered that you Crossfit, love your dog, have a background in dance and performing arts, and you do porn? Any other hobbies or things you like doing?

CD: Outside of those things I don't think I have time for anything else!

Q16 Which porn performer has the best blog?

CD: I like to read Colby Keller, Steve Cruz among a few others. 

Q17 What website (adult or not) MUST you visit daily (other than say Facebook or Twitter)?

CD: Definitely The Sword. Zachary Sire cracks me up daily. Im just hoping he doesn't trash me on his website and if he does... oh well. Fuck him.

Q18 I think the kind of movies, tv, and music someone listens to or watches says a lot about them - 1) List the artists on your iPod/MP3 player or even list a playlist. 2) What are some of your favorite movies to watch repeatedly over and over? 3) What television/pay cable shows are you obsessed with?

CD: Right now I'm listening to a lot of Benny Benasi. I'm not going to be pretend to be some big house music Aficionado but I'm trying to get away from listening to Rihanna, Beyonce and Britney and explore house music. Thank God for Pandora. Favorite movies? Mean Girls, Religulous, Hamlet 2, Desperate Living, Singing in the Rain, Casino and Showgirls.

Q19 Answer the following quickies - choose one or the other:

a) Boxers or Briefs? Briefs
b) 80's Pop or 90's Dance? BOTH!
c) Gatorade or Bottled Water? water please
d) Britney or Madonna? Both have their place
e) Twilight or Hunger Games? I have no idea what that means and Im pretty sure I don't care
f) Vegetarian or Meat-a-saurus? Total Vegetarian at heart but I am forced to eat meat bc my metabolism is too fast and I have to fight to keep weight on :(
g) RuPaul's Drag Race or Real Housewives of Atlanta? Dragrace all the way. Those Bitches are FIERCE.

Q20 Finish this sentence: If I had unlimited resources and money, for a career I would want to be __________ and donate money to the following cause(s) __________.

CD: As far as a career, I am doing exactly what i want to be doing at this point in my life and I am having a blast doing it. If I had unlimited funds and resources I would give it all to ASPCA, Special Olympics, AFAN, St Judes hospital, Rising Star Outreach, local Food banks to name a few. I would also make sure everyone in my family was comfortable and taken care of.

THANK YOU ALIAS74 for his HUGE help with this interview.