Glen of Sean Cody = Hayden Richards of College Dudes (Thanks Terry & Delirious D)
Morgan Black's lover had no issues with his work at Raw Fuck Club

Austin of Corbin Fisher is now known as Austyn Roman at Bad Puppy (Thanks Nicolas)

Austin's scenes were released by Corbin Fisher from May 2008 to January 2011, where he had more than 20 scenes released. I enjoyed watching him, as a bottom, at Corbin Fisher.

Austin_corbinfisher_01 Austin_corbinfisher_02 
Austin_corbinfisher_03 Austin_corbinfisher_04 
Austin_corbinfisher_05 Austin_corbinfisher_06 

Today, after more than a year, he is back in gay porn. Thanks to Nicolas for letting me know that he was given the name Austyn Roman by Badpuppy. Does it mean a Corbin Fisher contract ends after a year of non porn work for an established porn star like him?

Austyn_roman_badpuppy_01 Austyn_roman_badpuppy_02 
Austyn_roman_badpuppy_03 Austyn_roman_badpuppy_04