Ultimate Fighter Daron Cruickshank did porn for Randy Blue as Travis Michaels (Thanks Bob)
Dale of Sean Cody auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance 9 (Thanks Garrie)

Cole Sutter and Dean Carter auditioned for Sean Cody (Thanks Terry)

Like Jeremy Bilding and Blake Sevilla, Dean Carter and Cole Sutter auditioned for Sean Cody. All four of them did not move forward after their audition.

COLE SUTTER From 2005 to 2006, he had four scenes released by Randy Blue as Cole Sutter. He had 2 solos, a dildo shoved inside his ass and an oral scene with Alex.

Cole_sutter_randyblue_01 Cole_sutter_randyblue_02 
Cole_sutter_randyblue_03 Cole_sutter_randyblue_04 

Cole's audition at Sean Cody as guy #1 was released last October 2008.


I blame the hair on why he did not move forward afer his audition.

Dean Carter From April to May of 2008, Dean Carter's solo and 2 action scenes were released by College Dudes.

Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_01 Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_02 
Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_03 Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_04 

A few months later, his audition at Sean Cody as Guy #2 was released last October 2008.


Again, I blame the hair on why Dean Carter did not move forward after his audition.