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With or without facial/body hair? Justin Gennaro of Randy Blue OR Gennaro of Chaos Men

WITH FACIAL/BODY HAIR This week, his solo as Justin Gennaro was released by Randy Blue.

Justin_gennaro_randyblue_01 Justin_gennaro_randyblue_02 

WITHOUT FACIAL/BODY HAIR Last March 2012, his solo and serviced video were released by Chaos Men. This shoot is much older since there is one tattoo missing on his upper left shoulder.

Gennaro_chaosmen_01 Gennaro_chaosmen_02 

WITH OR WITHOUT? I usually love guys with facial and body hair. But for me, Gennaro is hotter without facial hair.

Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_01 Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_02 
Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_04 Justin_gennaro_chaosmen_randyblue_03 

Sean Summers of College Dudes is also Landon of Corbin Fisher (Thanks Jeff)

Sean Summers first solo at College Dudes was released last May 01, 2012. He had four action scenes. Three as a top to Brayden White, Devin Adams and Alex Andrews. The fourth one was a solo but he shoved a dildo inside his hole. The latest scene released of Sean was last May 17, 2012.

Sean_summers_collegedudes_05 Sean_summers_collegedudes_06 
Sean_summers_collegedudes_01 Sean_summers_collegedudes_02 
Sean_summers_collegedudes_03 Sean_summers_collegedudes_04 

Today, he was given the name Landon at Corbin Fisher. There was no solo. I assumed Corbin Fisher found out his other porn work. To make his intro exciting for fans who recognized him, he was barebacked by Harper.


There are actually two porn stars with the name Sean Summers. The other one is from Southern Strokes.


Thanks to the comments of Spongey and Flygal, Sean Summer did work in porn prior to College Dudes.


Ever wondered what Luka Rocco Magnotta did in gay porn? (Thanks James)

This week, Luka made headlines [source] for allegedly hacking the body of his victims with an ice pick and mailed the body parts to a Canadian government. He even made a video of his alleged crime and named it 1 Lunatic 1 Pickaxe.

If you watched the show Criminal Minds, it mentioned that guys like him usually started with animals. Well, he did. Luka also tortured and killed cats and posted it online.

In gay porn, James found a scene at Street Bait where Luka played the straight guy baited to fuck a gay man.


From Flygal's comment, he was also Justin 2, where he was fucked by Daddy Mugs.


James also shared a comment at OMG Blog sent by Luka Magnotta defending Marcus Allen, who was accused of murder.


James and nhuixnhuix shared the link on his work at His First Huge Cock.

Luka_hisfirsthugecock_01 Luka_hisfirsthugecock_02 

FYI I am not promoting his gay porn work. I am just sharing the information. I won't earn any commission if you join Street Bait or Daddy Mugs since my affiliate links are not included.

From XTube to gay for pay porn star - Bravo Delta

Bravo Delta did 12 solo videos at XTube. Like a future gay for pay porn star, he stated in his profile that he was straight and he was into girls. He was open minded so he didn't mind showing off to everyone and maybe make some cash on the side because of it. But, one of his turn offs is "I'm not into guys".


Yet, Bravo Delta signed in as an exclusive with Cocky Boys where his first action scene was with Max Ryder.

Bravo_delta_cockyboys_01 Bravo_delta_cockyboys_02 
Bravo_delta_cockyboys_03 Bravo_delta_cockyboys_04 

I would assume that his hard on with Max Ryder was caused by a pill since he is not into guys :)

Corbin Fisher VERSUS Sean Cody on this week's threesome scene

Both porn sites, Corbin Fisher and Sean Cody, released a threesome scene today.

CORBIN FISHER It was Corbin Fisher who first released the threesome scene. It had Conner and Steve sharing Sloan.

  • Kissing between guys
  • Only Sloan was fucked
  • Use of condom
  • Double penetration of the mouth and ass of Sloan

THREESOME_corbinfisher_conner_01 THREESOME_corbinfisher_conner_02 

SEAN CODY Similar to Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody had two guys, Jarek and Dane, share one guy, Grayson.

  • Kissing between guys, with rimming of Dane's hole.
  • Only Grayson was fucked
  • Bareback
  • Breeding of Grayson's hole by Jarek and Dane

THREESOME_seancody_jarek_05b THREESOME_seancody_jarek_05c 
THREESOME_seancody_jarek_05d THREESOME_seancody_jarek_05e 

I read some comments from forums and blogs and there were more positive comments for the scene done by Sean Cody as compared to Corbin Fisher.

Which was your favorite threesome, CF or SC??

Dale of Sean Cody auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance 9 (Thanks Garrie)

Dale was the first openly gay man for the year 2011 at Sean Cody. His solo was released last March 2011.

Dale_seancody_SOLO_01 Dale_seancody_SOLO_03 

Dale auditioned for this season of So You Think You Can Dance. His performance was not shown but only the first part of the audition where he was asked "Where are you from?" and he said "I am from Redding, California. I just moved to New York".


Cole Sutter and Dean Carter auditioned for Sean Cody (Thanks Terry)

Like Jeremy Bilding and Blake Sevilla, Dean Carter and Cole Sutter auditioned for Sean Cody. All four of them did not move forward after their audition.

COLE SUTTER From 2005 to 2006, he had four scenes released by Randy Blue as Cole Sutter. He had 2 solos, a dildo shoved inside his ass and an oral scene with Alex.

Cole_sutter_randyblue_01 Cole_sutter_randyblue_02 
Cole_sutter_randyblue_03 Cole_sutter_randyblue_04 

Cole's audition at Sean Cody as guy #1 was released last October 2008.


I blame the hair on why he did not move forward afer his audition.

Dean Carter From April to May of 2008, Dean Carter's solo and 2 action scenes were released by College Dudes.

Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_01 Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_02 
Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_03 Dean_carter_guy01_collegedudes_seancody_04 

A few months later, his audition at Sean Cody as Guy #2 was released last October 2008.


Again, I blame the hair on why Dean Carter did not move forward after his audition.

Ultimate Fighter Daron Cruickshank did porn for Randy Blue as Travis Michaels (Thanks Bob)

Fans of gay porn tuned in to watch Ultimate Fighter 15 last March 2012 since one of the fighters admitted his gay porn past. However, Dakota Cochrane (aka Danny of Sean Cody) lost his first match so he was not part of any team. But, another fighter that had a gay porn past got in. Daron Cruickshank won his first fight and was on Team Faber.


Unlike Dakota, who did have sex with men as a top and a bottom, Daron only did a solo at Randy Blue in 2008.

RANDYBLUE_travis_michaels_aka_daron_cruickshank_01 RANDYBLUE_travis_michaels_aka_daron_cruickshank_02 

Randy Blue photo shoot VERSUS a photo from his Facebook fan page (open to the everyone)

THENNOW_travis_michaels_aka_daron_cruickshank_001 THENNOW_travis_michaels_aka_daron_cruickshank_001b 

Comparing the moles or birthmarks

THENNOW_travis_michaels_aka_daron_cruickshank_01 THENNOW_travis_michaels_aka_daron_cruickshank_01b 
Image above @ Top MMA News