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The escort and model in Marshall of Sean Cody

In case you are not familiar with Marshall's work at Sean Cody, so far, he has 4 action scenes where 3 of them were bareback.

Marshall_sean_cody_action_01 Marshall_sean_cody_action_02 
Marshall_sean_cody_action_04 Marshall_sean_cody_action_05 

ESCORT Marshall posted his rent boy ad yesterday with the tag line "Marshall of Sean Cody ready for you". The ad stated he was straight but the shocking part was he included SCAT & PNP under tastes, specialties & fetishes. 


MODEL Marshall included in his rentboy ad some pictures from his model portfolio taken by Cean One.


FYI Marshall has a mugshot but it happened when he was a minor so I will not include it here. The decription of the offense was "Unlawful Purchase, Possession, or Consumption by Minors"

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