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Andrew Stark now works for Next Door Studios

He did start as TY at Corbin Fisher. Then, he became Andrew Stark when Randy Blue released his first solo scene last April 2010. He both had 12 guy on guy scenes at Corbin Fisher and Randy Blue. And, after two years at Randy Blue, he now works for Next Door Studios. His threeseome with Tyler Torro and Rod Daily will be released this August 17, 2012. 


He shares part of his life via Facebook. The latest he shared is a picture of him and Zeb Atlas. I am guessing he will be part of the Zeb Atlas movie from Raging Stallion/Falcon Studios.


Hot or not? Scotty Dean

Scotty Dean [twitter] is the new guy this week at Next Door Male [gallery].

Scotty_dean_nextdoormale_01 Scotty_dean_nextdoormale_02 

But, he already had action scenes released by Dylan Lucas. One with Jimmy Clay.

Scotty_dean_jimmy_clay_01 Scotty_dean_jimmy_clay_02 

The other one is the latest released scene by Dylan Lucas where Scotty was paired with Chad Logan.

Scotty_dean_chad_logan_01 Scotty_dean_chad_logan_02 
Scotty_dean_chad_logan_03 Scotty_dean_chad_logan_04 

I am not really sure what Dylan Lucas meant with the word exclusive. Scotty Dean is one, yet his guys like Scotty, had scenes released by Next Door Studios.

DID YOU KNOW? I read this at Queer Porn Nation. Scotty Dean had a str8 scene released by Dare Dorm. The scene was called Two Hot Babes.



In case you didn't know, William Higgins is back with bareback (Thanks Bo)

I did not know. I seldom visit William Higgins since they changed the format of their free newsletter. It was my way of keeping up with the porn site. But, thanks to Bo for informing me about the change. This only proves that bareback sells because porn sites, not just William Higgins, went back to filming bareback scenes.

Bareback_williamhiggins_05 Bareback_williamhiggins_04 

According to Bo, William Higgins "broke the mold so to speak with Ivan and David, whom he identified as fuck buddies and there was breeding here. David has never appeared anywhere else to my knowledge. Ivan, as John Parker and other names, has been bred and fed all over the continent."


The latest this week at William Higgins is a threesome "... a trio this week with Milos Zambo, newbie Lukas Prybil, and very experienced Kaja Kolomaz, who has been bred and fed all over eastern Europe as Ivan Rowdy and other incongruous names."


Who is the hottest ginger in porn town?

Bo wants to know who is the hottest ginger in porn town. The list includes porn stars who had action scene/s released this 2012.

DELANEY of Chaos Men

Delaney_chaosmen_02 Delaney_chaosmen_03 
Delaney_chaosmen_04 Delaney_chaosmen_05 

EVAN MERCY He got his start at Bait Buddies where he experienced all his first time in gay porn with his best friend. After that, he jumped from one porn site to another, always as a top.

Evan_mercy_baitbuddies_01 Evan_mercy_baitbuddies_02 
Evan_mercy_baitbuddies_03 Evan_mercy_baitbuddies_04 
Evan_mercy_baitbuddies_05 Evan_mercy_baitbuddies_06 

SPENCER TODD of Broke Straight Boys

Spencer_todd_broke_straightboys_01 Spencer_todd_broke_straightboys_02 
Spencer_todd_broke_straightboys_03 Spencer_todd_broke_straightboys_04 
Spencer_todd_broke_straightboys_05 Spencer_todd_broke_straightboys_06 

CONNOR CHESNEY (or ConnEr) - His scenes were released this year but you could spot the difference that some were shot earlier due to the absence of a tattoo on his left shoulder.

Conner_chesney_dirty_tony_02 Conner_chesney_dirty_tony_01 

REECE of Corbin Fisher - He did have other porn names prior to working at Corbin Fisher.

Reese_corbinfisher_01 Reese_corbinfisher_02 
Reese_corbinfisher_03 Reese_corbinfisher_04 

HENRY of Sean Cody - He was just introduced last week. 6 days later, his first scene was released.

Henry_seancody_01 Henry_seancody_02 


The model in Daniel of Sean Cody (Thanks John)

Daniel is the new guy this week at Sean Cody. He has deleted his twitter account and Model Mayhem profile which could indicate he wants to do more in gay porn?

MODEL versus PORN STAR Left pictures are were shot by Michael Downs and Achim Harding while pictures on the right are from Sean Cody.

Daniel_seancody_01_achimharding Daniel_seancody_02 
Daniel_seancody_03_michaeldowns Daniel_seancody_04 
Daniel_seancody_05_michaeldowns Daniel_seancody_06 
Daniel_seancody_07_achimharding Daniel_seancody_08 

Thanks to the comment of Lovers and Fakes, Daniel used the name Sawyer when he worked for My Friend's Feet.

Daniel_seancody_feet_sawyer_01 Daniel_seancody_feet_sawyer