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20 Questions with Colby Jansen (Part 1)

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Q1 You have one of the most diverse backgrounds I think I’ve ever heard for a performer – Readers know you were actively deployed and in the Marines for 8 years, but tell the readers about your education (undergrad and current) and your sports background.

I suppose diverse is a good word for it, but my background is rooted in math & science. I have a BS in Physics with minors in Education and Mathematics (yes in another interview I said Chemistry, but I was attempting to be discreet about my private life). While I was in the Marine Corps, I specialized in imagery intelligence and combined my military and civilian education to pursue a career as an imagery scientist. Unfortunately, the reality of the defense industry is that you either drink the kool-aid or you’re blacklisted. So, basically because of my beliefs and lifestyle, that industry wasn’t the best thing for me. So, after a couple years of civilian contractor life, I quit and moved on. Right now, I’m doing an MBA program through one of the online schools. I had taken a couple classes at University of Toronto, but with my travel schedule, a classroom based education wasn’t the best fit for me. The thing about self-paced learning is that you have to have self-discipline and work ethic, otherwise your workload will pile up quickly and you’ll be in a frantic cramming state.

My sports background is varied, I grew up playing baseball, football and wrestling. I attribute a lot of my personality from my wrestling background. Wrestling is a team sport in a sense, but when it comes down to it, it’s you versus the other guy and skill and strength only bring you so far. Mental toughness and the ability to make your mind believe that your body can do more than it is telling your brain is something that has to be developed through years of drilling and training. It’s been that mental toughness that has helped me in my true sports calling, the sport of Rugby Union.

I began playing Rugby as a way of coping with not playing football. My fall evenings were usually filled with hard hitting football practices and getting all of my pent up aggression out. My Saturdays were devoted to the game, when I lost that opportunity in college, I was really depressed. I was recruited to the rugby team and the light went on at the first practice. There’s a funny story to what happened on the first practice I went to. I had no idea what I was in store for, so I was just tackling the guy who had the ball – I’m not that good of an athlete, but I am very good at running into people with reckless abandon. So, I hit the team’s captain and broke his nose, he jumped up and I figured it was going to come to fisticuffs – he put a finger in my chest and said that’s the way to hit! Then they brought me out and got me drunk and sent me home with one of the more promiscuous girls from the women’s rugby team. From that day forward, rugby would be one of the main focuses of my life. It has given me the ability to play all around the world as well as compete at a very high level. In the US, rugby is still an amateur sport, but I played in the USA Rugby Super League, which is the league that the USA selects the men who will represent our country in Test Matches and the Rugby World Cup. I was close to making the USA Men’s Rugby National Team, however that last step eluded me as I had a career and the competition to make the team is incredibly high. That said, my player resume is quite complete and I’ve had a great run. I’m now playing in lower division rugby in Southern Ontario Canada, but because of my left knee, I’ve put the game on the back burner for a bit.

Q2 Speaking of rugby, by last blog count, you noted that you’d actually been playing rugby (and shooting porn, yes?) on what you eventually discovered was a quite injured knee (!) How is it, buddy? What’s the damage and is surgery in the future for Colby Jansen?

I touched on this at the end of the last question – I recently had an MRI and I’ll know more soon. I shot Naked Combat vs Trent Diesel on that injured leg. The doctor believes I either have a hairline fracture of the medial tibia plateau or a fracture of the fibula. It hurts when I do certain movements, but nothing a little ibuprofen & whisky can’t sort out.

Q3 In my mind, you've drawn immediate fans for your proto-typically masculine looks, and I quote one of your co-stars, the adorable Cole Brooks from his Kink.com "Bound in Public" interview, who says: "Colby is extremely handsome…(a) beefy, masculine guy…yeah I love him!" We know you hate labels (as per a previous interview), but how do you identify sexual orientation wise?

This is something that kind of cracks me up. I’ve seen the comments on blogs and videos and damn there are some hateful people out there banging away on their keyboards. I’ve said in the past that I am “try-sexual” or “yes-sexual”. I like sex – reeeeeeally like sex! I enjoy women, men and male to female transsexuals. Does this make me “bisexual” or “gay” – I don’t know. I go to gay clubs and bars, I have sex with men on camera, I have Grindr & Scruff accounts, I also have sex with women and my wife Gia. So, to set the record straight? I’m truly bisexual and I really don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks.

Q4 Sound off – what are your physical stats right now? Height, weight, shoe size, cock size, and….what’s the most you can bench?

I’m 6’1” tall, I weigh around 218lbs, I wear size 12 shoes, my cock is 7” in length and the most I have ever bench pressed was 325 twice.

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Q5 You’ve stated before that you haven’t exactly been ‘out’ for that long…when or how did you discover that you would (quoting the Morningwoodclub blog interview) “never have that wild, raw, sweaty connection with a woman that [you] get…in a hot man on man rampage”?

Honestly, I never actually had any interactions with guys until about 2007. I had always thought about it, but I had never acted on it. I found Manhunt.net and ended up meeting a guy through web camming. When he and I hooked up – and it was just basically him giving me a blow job, I had no idea that an encounter could be so intense.

Q6 You noted that one of your primary reasons you keep an apartment in Toronto, in addition to grad school, was that it was friendly and accepting. For the majority of LGBT globally, coming out can be marked by emotional difficulty, family problems, bullying, homophobia. Care to share any personal experiences with homophobia, especially maybe in the military?

Toronto is a great city, I cannot express enough how open, accepting and friendly the Canadian people are. If you have a chance to go to Toronto for gay pride, you NEED to make that a priority. Living in Toronto gave me the opportunity to be comfortable living my life openly – not that I’m running around waving a rainbow flag or anything, but seeing two guys doing something as simple as holding hands while walking through the Eaton Center and not having people leering at their every step, was pretty moving for me.

While in the military I noticed a lot of homophobia and sadly, I participated in it as I was trying to blend in. I’m ashamed of some of the things I’ve done, but I have paid for my complicity with my own brushes with narrow-minded, hateful people. I’ve been called faggot on the sports field and I was jumped by 5 guys in downtown DC once when I was leaving a gay club. I am a pretty decent fighter, but even I can’t take on 5 guys. But the most hurtful things to me have been the hate and ugliness that is thrown at my wife. I see the hurt in her eyes when someone calls me a tranny chaser or calls her a freak or many other worse things – many times even by gay men. The world is so full of hate, at times I want to fight back, but you can’t fight hate with anger. Words are wind, let them wash over you as such; that’s pretty much all you can do in most instances. I just try to live my life in a way that will show that I’m not an evil or freakish person, but a caring, loving, good and honest person. 

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Q7 May I just say that you have an amazing and beautiful wife of four years (Happy recent Anniversary, BTW). For those readers who don’t know, your wife is transgender superstar Gia Darling who not only holds multiple AVN awards for transgender performer of the year but is also a 2011 AVN Hall of Fame inductee. How did you guys meet?

Gia and I met at a night club in New York City after one of my rugby matches. She was with two of her friends (Allanah Starr and Kimber James) and I was with a few of my rugby teammates (yes, straight guys). We were very drunk and I thought I would hit on the three of them and be cool. I was swept away by Gia and she shot me down when I tried to get her number. Instead she gave me her myspace page. She did that so basically, if I was still interested after seeing that she was a pre-op transsexual, she would give me a chance. Six months later, we got married and we’ve been together ever since. And yes, we have an open marriage. 

Q8 She has had an astounding number of surgeries (I think I read on her site 45 cosmetic procedures and over $150K). From your blog: “I don’t understand the point of putting yourself through all that when you look hot as fuck anyway,…but that’s what she wants so that’s what she gets. She certainly lets me do my crazy shit that she doesn’t understand.”  Care to elaborate on that quote, especially that last part?

Well, basically every relationship has its own parts and no relationship is perfect. Concessions are made by both sides. She likes expensive jewelry, purses, shoes, clothing and of course her surgeries and I have more baser likes- I like to play rugby, drink whisky and have a lot of sex. So, basically we both have our vices and we accept each other for who we are, because it’s those things that make us who we are.

Q9 Sadly, I am dumbstruck over the negativity (and that’s stating it ‘politely’ because it’s downright venomous and vitriolic) of comments I’ve read on blogs when fans and non-fans alike discover your marriage. I inquired before about you yourself experiencing homophobia and prejudice, but now….how about in the context of your relationship with Gia? Thoughts? And more importantly what the hell is wrong with our society that people at large just can’t be happy for a sexy, beautiful, loving couple like you two?

Well, often the T and to a lesser extent the B in LGBT are scrutinized or just plain forgotten by the rest of the community. There is a lot of jealousy towards Gia because she is successful and beautiful as well as “passable”. The people who have gender dysphoria that take the steps to be who they are on the inside, on the outside, are the most courageous and brave people in the world. It angers me when I read hateful comments about her and I coming from fans/viewers. They don’t know us in our private lives and they don’t have a clue the path that we’ve walked to get to where we are. I just attribute it to a jealousy factor that we’re kind of living a dream life and they’re unhappy in their current situation. Basically, I’ve stopped reading comments and such because it’s kind of like watching a train wreck, it’s never going to be good.

Q10 How would respond to someone who looked at your relationship and said “Oh he’s straddling the fence and getting the best of both worlds” or “He’s copping out as bisexual because he’s afraid to define one way or the other”?

I would tell them that Gia is a POST-OP Transsexual, which means that she has a vagina (and a fine fucking vagina it is) and yeah, she had a penis when we were first together, but in order for her to complete her transition, she wanted the surgery. I love her, not what’s between her legs. We have an open relationship, as do many other people in the world. I’ve had many gay guys tell me that I’m copping out and that I really am gay, I just haven’t met the right guy yet- the truth is, I’ve met the right person for me. Gia is my life companion and we’re happy. Yes, I have sexual relations with men & women extramaritally, but that’s not unlike many other people in the world. I know who I am and I’m comfortable with it. I’m just in a unique situation because a marriage between a post-op transsexual and a bisexual man isn’t exactly a normal every day occurrence.

Thank you Alias74 who researched about Colby's life and made all these questions.

To Be Continued... [Part 2]