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Who was your favorite porn star in the Suds & Studs orgy of Next Door Buddies?

The latest orgy at Next Door Studios was called Suds & Studs. It started with a car wash but the actual orgy happened inside the living room where all porn stars were dry.

The cast, from left to right on the photo below, were Brody Wilder, Donny Wright, Campbell Stevens, Samuel O'Toole, Johnny Torque, Rod Daily and Marcus Mojo.


When the shorts or underwear or swimming trunks came off after touching themselves, Samuel, Campbell and Rod wasn't fully hard. 


Marcus had the biggest thighs. It looked like it was twice as big as Johnny Torque.

Everyone sucked cock.


It was only Rod and Marcus who got fucked.


The center in the bukakke was Donny Wright. The least cumshot came from Brody while the most cumshot, I think, came from Donny. It was only Marcus and Brody who were sucked by Donny after they came.


Who was your favorite porn star in the Suds & Studs orgy of Next Door Studios? From left to right on the photo below - Brody Wilder, Campbell Stevens, Marcus Mojo, Johnny Torque, Donny Wright, Samuel O'Toole or Rod Daily?


The raw side of Dominic Sol (Thanks Ben & Row)

I thought Dominic Sol only did a bareback scene with his lover Morgan Black for Man Handled.


It turns out. Like his lover Morgan Black, Dominic Sol also did bareback scenes with other porn stars.

The first to release a bareback scene of Dominic Sol was Raw Fuck Club where he was fucked by Dimitri Santiago.


The second to release a bareback scene was Breed Me Raw where he was fucked [gallery] by Tyler Reed.


This week, his oral scene with Steven Shields [gallery] was released by Treasure Island Men.

Mickey, Dominic Sol, and Duncan Black

ONE Mickey is back at Squirtz after 10 months with a new look.

Mickey_squirtz_01 Mickey_squirtz_02 
Mickey_squirtz_03 Mickey_squirtz_04 
Mickey_squirtz_05 Mickey_squirtz_06 

TWO One more step to bareback? Dominic Sol did bareback his lover Morgan Black but this was an exception to the rule. Dominic just did an oral scene with a SX Video performer Steven Sheilds at Treasure Island Media. Is this an intro to finally doing it raw besides his lover?


THREE Out with the old, in with the new :) I am almost over with my lust with Topher DiMaggio and Duncan Black could be his replacement. Duncan Black is new to gay porn and is finally getting noticed. He had a scene with Topher as a bottom released by Dominic Ford.


Zane Michaels of AustinZane at MEN

We all know by now that Zane Michaels has left Austin Zane. He is currently driving across the country back to Ohio. But, is this soon to be released scene of Zane at MEN a sign that we will see more of him in gay porn? Unfortunately, the answer is no.


MEN will release Zane's scene this coming Friday, titled "The Gay Dating Game", in which he played one of the the guys being chosen by Tony Newport as his date. The other two guys are Robert Axel and Tommy Defendi. When the action started, the cameran man played by Rocco Reed joined in.


From Travis Rider to Dominic Reed to Casey of Chaos Men (Thanks GMan)

He first used the name Travis Rider where had sex with a woman via SG4GE, sucked the cock of Jake Cruise, and got fucked Skyler Cummings at Buzz West.

Travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_01 Travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_02 

He then used the name Dominic Reed. If my count was correct, he had four scenes at Dirty Tony where he ate the cum of the owner, sucked the 9" cock of Gary Bradshaw, took part of a bukakke and a threesome.

Dominic_reed_travis_rider_01 Dominic_reed_travis_rider_02 
Dominic_reed_travis_rider_03 Dominic_reed_travis_rider_04 

He also used the name Dominic Reed for his scenes at MEN. So far, two scenes of him, one as a top and one as a bottom, were released.


He is now the latest guy at Chaos Men using the name Casey [profile]. According to GMan "This time Bryan makes no mention of him doing prior work. Bryan said that he feels he would be into guys... well Bryan should surf the net and see that the boy likes to have sex with guys." Bryan needs to go to a repair shop to fix his gaydar :)

Travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_casey_03 Travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_casey_04

THEN & NOW on Travis Rider aka Dominic Reed aka Casey

THENNOW_travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_01 THENNOW_travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_02 
THENNOW_travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_03 THENNOW_travis_rider_aka_dominic_reed_04