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A then and now look for Alexi Auclair?

Two solos of Alexi Auclair were released 17 months apart by Next Door Male. Do you think this is a case of a then and now look for Alexi Auclair?

Take a look at these two photos. The one on the left was released last May 23, 2011 while the one on the right was released yesterday, Oct 22, 2012. A then and now?

Alexi_auclair_nextdoormale_03 Alexi_auclair_nextdoormale_04

But, if you look at other photos (2011 & 2012), you will notice something similar - the shoes he wore for both shoots. I think this indicate that the two shoots (indoor and outdoor) were shot on the same day or week.

Alexi_auclair_nextdoormale_01 Alexi_auclair_nextdoormale_02

This is the real "then look" of Alexi Auclair when he worked for Squirtz in 2006. He was given the porn name Sam but it was renamed to Alexi Auclair.