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Posts from October 2012

Davis of Sean Cody doing bareback as Dylan Saunders at SX Videos (Thanks Alias74)

Davis did use two other porn names when he worked for gay porn. For instance, he used the name Dylan Saunders when he worked for Falcon Studios.

Dylan_saunders_falconstudios_01 Dylan_saunders_falconstudios_02 
Dylan_saunders_falconstudios_03 Dylan_saunders_falconstudios_04 

He used the porn name Dylan Ryder when he worked for Buzz West.


As for his work at Sean Cody, using the porn name Davis, he was only part of a fuckfest orgy released last 2006.


He is back again in gay porn using the name Dylan Saunders for the bareback studio SX Video.



Davis_dylan_saunders_davis_THENNOW_01 Davis_dylan_saunders_davis_THENNOW_02

His IAFD profile stated he had a scene in 2000 from Hot Desert Knight. It means, he worked in gay porn in 2000, stopped, worked from 2006 to 2010, stopped again, & came back this year.

Fratmen Marco moving to Corbin Fisher and is Noah of CF back in gay porn? (Dave and Marshall)

MARCO According to Dave, it was mentioned by Fradpad on a chat with fans that Marco can't comeback since he is now with Corbin Fisher. I do hope Marco gets paired with a fellow Fratmen - Marshall.

Fratmen_marco_01 Fratmen_marco_02 

This is a good move from Corbin Fisher. There are a lot clamor from gay porn fans for these guys at Fratmen to do gay sex and not just suck cock.

NOAH According to Marshall, a solo of Noah as Noah Thomas has just been released by Bad Puppy. Is he back or is this a similar case with Austin of Corbin Fisher? Old content, just released today.

Noah_thomas_badpuppy_01 Noah_thomas_badpuppy_02

His last scene at Corbin Fisher was released last April 2009.


A then and now on Noah.

  Noah_thomas_corbin_badpuppy_THENNOW2 Noah_thomas_corbin_badpuppy_THENNOW

SO TRUE? SO FALSE? Quinn of Corbin Fisher had a boyfriend when he was 16 years old

The latest guy at Corbin Fisher is Quinn, where he was introduced via an oral scene with Josh. Quinn according to Corbin Fisher had a boyfriend when he was 16 years old. Also, he was versatile and loved the doggy style, either as a top or as a bottom.


SO FALSE! He doesn't have a boyfriend. Read the description again!


Magic! The first version was just edited. Maybe the description was too gay for Corbin Fisher's standard?

If you want to see more magic at Corbin Fisher, it's offering a $20 discount this October.


[Thanks OMG and Statsguy of JUB]

Halloween porn 2012

It was MEN who released the first scene of a halloween themed porn called Masked Men. It had Phenix Saint as a bottom and a double penetration of Dean Monroe.


It was then followed by the pandas at Bound In Public. I wonder if anyone found this scene [gallery] arousing.


Today, Randy Blue's halloween themed scene called Makeout Point [gallery] was released. Cameron Marshall, who looked hot, played the killer who masturbated while two guys were having sex.

HALLOWEEN_randyblue_01 HALLOWEEN_randyblue_02

Also released today was The Haunting [gallery] from Cocky Boys. Arnauld Chagall played the ghost who had a threesome with Dillon Rosi and Jake Andrews.


Are halloween porn exciting? It depends on the scene. A NO for the pandas. A YES for the killer and the ghost.

After halloween, comes Christmas porn. Time for Santa to get ready.

It's the real one this time for Rocco Reed

Rocco Reed was fucked with a dildo when he worked in str8 porn. Since his cross over from str8 to gay porn last July 2012, some fans have been waiting for his first time as a bottom. The honor went to Landon Conrad, released by MEN yesterday.

THE STORY Rocco walked out of his wedding and the bride's brother, Landon, tried to talk to him. Instead of a reply, Rocco gave him a kiss and more.

Rocco_reed_firstimefucked_men_02 Rocco_reed_firstimefucked_men_03 

We all know that MEN is known for their "humiliation scenes" - strangling, slapping, spitting, and foul words. But, when it came to a str8 porn star's first time with a real cock, it was all about LOVE LOVE LOVE. Where's the sadomasochism you are known for?


The sex was not convincing. You left your bride at the altar because of your love for your bride's brother. But, there was no passion, lust, and desire. Instead, Rocco had wood problems.

From Bo, Deran and Kurt on Andrew Justice being back in gay porn, Jake Lyons aka Sam Hudson & $1 membership experience

@BO ON ANDREW JUSTICE He is back in gay porn. If I am not mistaken, Andrew Justice left in 2009. From Bo on Andrew "One of my all-time favorites who was around for a while has returned, fucking newbies Rich Kelly at Hard Friction and Johnny Ryder at Falcon — heart goes pitty-pat. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, sweet!"


@DERAN ON JAKE LYONS He did have porn work outside the US but he has always used the name Jake Lyons. But for Hard Brit Lads, he was given the name Sam Hudson.

Sam_hudson_jake_lyons_01 Sam_hudson_jake_lyons_02 
Sam_hudson_jake_lyons_03 Sam_hudson_jake_lyons_04 

@KURT on $1 MEMBERSHIP This is the reason why I avoid $1 membership. I do know it has a lot of limitations. For me, if I see something that I like on the free section of the porn site, I subscribe to the non recurring monthly membership.

From Kurt on his Gay Castings $1 membership experience

I just wanted to give you some information to share with your viewers about the Gay Castings website from October 23rd.

I paid for the $1.00 fee (plus .12 tax) for the trial membership. Granted I expected not to be able to view all the content, but imagine my surprise when I was unable to view ANY of the clips on the site!

Every single time I tried to watch any of the clips it automatically sent me to the SegPay website to upgrade my account to the $34.95 one!

After talking with the customer service people at SegPay it seems you get nothing for the $1.12 they charge you . You can view the same content with out having to pay them the $1.12 fee to your credit card.

I hope you make your viewers aware of this scam and as for me I'm lucky I followed up and had this cancelled before they charged me for a full month the next day.