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From Jasher, Terry, Zwight & GMan on Garth of CF, Dylan Lucas & Cruz of CM

Joey Cooper, Cruz of CM and Paddy O'Brian

JOEY COOPER Dominic Ford is claiming Joey Cooper's scene with Topher Di Maggio was his first scene filmed in gay porn "We love breaking in new talent, and this scene is Joey Cooper's first time *ever* being on film.".


But, there was also a scene of Joey Cooper with Josh Long at Circle Jerk Boys, released this week.

  Joey_cooper_firsttime_circlejerkboys_01 Joey_cooper_firsttime_circlejerkboys_02 

And, last October 4, 2010, his scene with Duncan Black at Bait Buddies was released. He used the name Joey Love [gallery].


We have to look at the production dates to check if Dominic Ford was indeed telling the truth.

DAMON aka CRUZ What Corbin Fisher couldn't do with Damon (aka Cruz), Chaos Men was able to convince Cruz to suck a cock and fuck a guy.


PADDY O'BRIAN This is the reason why the "exclusive" contract with Paddy O'Brian from Falcon/Raging Studios failed. There are still scenes of him being released by other porn sites. This week, MEN released the scene of Paddy with Jay Roberts.



SALE Corbin Fisher is offering a $19.95 membership this October BUT it will renew at $34.95/month.

Corbinfisher_SALE_01 Corbinfisher_SALE_02

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