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Mike DeMarco, Jarek of SC, & Josh Long

MIKE DEMARCO He is the latest exclusive of MEN. They need a bottom since majority (or is it all) of their exclusives are top.

Mike's latest is a scene with the humongous Zeb Atlas.


JAREK It has been a long time since Jarek bottomed at Sean Cody. The most we got on his scene released this week was a finger inside his hole while he got hard. This made me want to see him get fucked again.


JOSH LONG Lately, the scenes that were released that had Josh Long were of him as a bottom. The latest was no different where he got fucked, his fourth time, by Jake Taylor (aka Andrew Blue).

Josh_long_andrew_blue_01 Josh_long_andrew_blue_02 
Josh_long_andrew_blue_03 Josh_long_andrew_blue_04 

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Like or dislike? Owner of Chaos Men got naked again in front of the camera

Bryan Ockert, owner of Chaos Men, did talk about filming a scene with Ransom last May 2012 when he commented on this blog post "Hey thanks for the kind words. Still debating a full scene with Ransom. He wants to do one with me all POV and personal-like. Kind of 'shot at home type of thing'. Bad lighting, Blair Witch Camera Jerks, Vaseline on the lens... I guess a sex tape... lol. If anyone actually shot on tape these days. Found these comments doing research on if I should/n't. I too am not down with producers interacting too much with their models, but doing a full on video intrigues and terrifies me. I think I started naked online around 1998. So either I have issues or am a closet exhibitionist. Either way, after so many years reluctantly performing, it's nice to know some people will still peek!"


Trenton Ducati, Cody Cummings & Tanner of CF

TRENTON DUCATI For me, this is what Raging Stallion is known for - masculine gay men in action. Trenton is currently in a relationship with fellow porn star Tate Ryder. While, Jake Genesis was formerly the other half and why Matthew Rush retired in gay porn. The two gay men had a flip fuck scene [gallery].


CODY CUMMINGS It has to be in demand since I can't think of another reason why there will be another scene released of Cody Cummings getting faked fucked. Fans must have loved it the first and the second time that they want more. His third time, with Johnny Hard, will be released this coming December 05, 2012. [tip @ interpolic13]


TANNER The first bareback scene with a guy for Tanner at Corbin Fisher has been released. He was paired with the openly gay guy I like guys Blake?


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Kyle King, Mike Colucci and Jessie Colter

If there was a contest for King of Bottoms, Kyle King, Mike Colucci and Jessie Colter will be contenders.

KYLE KING He stopped gay porn for a while and even battled depression. Kyle King is back and he is the latest guy to bottom for Paddy O'Brian at Falcon Studios.

Kyle_king_paddy_obrian_01 Kyle_king_paddy_obrian_02 

MIKE COLUCCI The mega site MEN is expanding to add another new site this Dec 07, 2012 named Men of UK. The latest under Men of UK is a scene of Mike Colucci, as a bottom, to a fellow English bottom, Jay Roberts.

Mike_colucci_jay_roberts_01 Mike_colucci_jay_roberts_02 

JESSIE COLTER He is the lover Trey Turner, who has also done more scenes as a bottom in gay porn. Jessie Colter's latest is a scene from MEN where he bottomed to cross over porn star Rocco Reed.

  Jessie_colter_rocco_reed_01 Jessie_colter_rocco_reed_02 

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5 more Questions with Logan Vaughn

This is part 3 [part 01 and part 02] of Logan Vaughn's [twitter] interview. Also, two scenes [gallery 01] of him were released in the past 7 days.

Logan_vaughn_derek_parker_02 Logan_vaughn_derek_parker_03 
Logan Vaughn with Derek Parker from Gay Room (Nov. 21, 2012)

 Q 16. You had this to say about 'bareback': "Nothing wrong with it at all, and I don't blame anyone out there who prefers to watch it over the protected kind. But I would personally never ever star in it. Of course I do it in my personal life, but unlike most of the other models, I don't hookup with random people. " Are you at all concerned about the fact that performers in the gay porn industry often do bareback scenes and then immediately shoot sometimes with condomed studios or the fact that a large percentage of gay porn performers are rumored to be HIV positive? What do you insist on seeing about your scene partner prior to a scene to protect yourself? Do you think California should pass the mandatory condom law?

LOGAN It doesn't bother me in the least, and I think the fear of becoming HIV positive is blown up far larger than the risk actually is. I normally don’t ask to see any proof about the other performer; I know that Fabscout has my back on that issue. Howard takes very good care of his models. We take risks on a daily basis even if you never shoot porn in your life. You;re more likely to catch something from a person in your private life than you are on set. And I'm very much against the mandatory condom law! Yes, I watch straight porn from time to time, I like the dirty girls, and it's very difficult to be all that dirty with a condom between all the actions. Not to mention there is always that "dead moment" when you rip the damn thing off. It's like it's not even sexual for that few seconds.

Q 17. I thought there was some amazing intensity in the scene between you and Jimmy Johnson for Men (you sucked great and got rammed pretty hard). Name your favorite scene partner… AND without naming or giving away the scene, blind item the WORST experience either filming or with a scene partner (again without naming names if it’s possible).

LOGAN I've honestly not had any bad scenes so far. There was this time not too long ago when I had 3 shoots in a row in LA, and for some reason, my ass was sore as HELL during that time. All of those scenes were rather painful, to say the least. So that time frame would certainly be considered the worst experience for me so far, but it wasn't anyone's fault. My favorite scene partner would have to be Tyler Saint. He's a super nice guy, very professional, and very caring of how you feel on set.

Q 18. Compare and contrast shooting a scene for a larger studio like Hot House versus an original content internet studio like Men.com or Cocksuremen.com? Also I believe that you have been directed by women before – how does that feel versus being directed by gay men or straight men? And please share what it was like shooting your first transsexual scene with the gorgeous and HUNG Jayla Marie for TSSeductions.com?

LOGAN There isn't really a huge difference in my perspective of the different sizes of studios. Of course, the smaller ones normally shoot in homes and the others shoot on sets. But I've not had any issues shooting with smaller studios as far as their professionalism. And even though I pretty much get owned every time, I really enjoy shooting for Divine Bitches. That's the only site I've shot for so far with an all-female cast. It's a very nice change. That scene was actually very fun, even though she was a lot rougher than what I was expecting, lol. It’s very nice for me to shoot with a person that is feminine vs a big hairy guy.

Logan with Bobby Black & Alex Graham from Falcon (Nov 21, 2012)

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Billy Cotton, Logan McCree, & Noah of SW

BILLY COTTON I know he is not as good looking as the other Belami models. But, there is something in Billy Cotton that I find attractive. I blame Denz Jr. for getting up when I look at photos of him :)

He did get married last June 2011. I am guessing the wife knows about his gay porn work? His latest scene released by Belami Online is a threesome with Dario Dolce and Adam Archuleta.

Billy_cotton_threesome_02 Billy_cotton_threesome_03 
Billy_cotton_threesome_05 Billy_cotton_threesome_06 

LOGAN MCCREE It's been more than a year since I last saw a scene of Logan McCree in action. He is bisexual since he had a relationship with a man and a woman. His latest [gallery] is a scene from Bound Gods.


NOAH He is the latest update at Spunk Worthy where he got a blow job from the porn site owner. With the redesign of the website, SW is offering a 25% discount on their monthly membership till Dec 24, 2012.



ANOTHER MMA FIGHTER Spencer Fox aka Madman Hoffman. [shared by Fitatlstud]

Spencer_fox_mma_01 Spencer_fox_mma_02

MEN OF UK It was mentioned by QMN that a new site of MEN is around the corner. I am guessing Men of UK since it has been included in the site list.

If this is true, I wish MEN will be able to convince those models from English Lads to work for them.