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Is Max Flint out of Broke Str8 Boys? (tip @ Terry)

Max Flint was introduced by Broke Straight Boys last June 2012. His next two scenes (Blake Bennet & Sam) were oral. It was only on his third scene that he fucked a guy (Colin). After that, his first scene as a bottom (Carter Blane) was released last Sept 2012. His last two scene were with Paul Canon (oral & as a bottom) released last Oct & Nov 2012.

Max_flint_brokestraightboys_01 Max_flint_brokestraightboys_02 
Max_flint_brokestraightboys_05 Max_flint_brokestraightboys_06 

This week, Max Flint's flip fuck scene with Sebastian Conally was released by Next Door Twink.

Max_flint_nextdoortwink_01 Max_flint_nextdoortwink_02 

Is this scene produced months ago and just released this week by Next Door Twink or is Max Flint out of Broke Straight Boys and now works for other porn companies? I know what most of you would say, WHO CARES :)