Roman Klaska, AJ Monroe & D.O
Chase Young, Cameron Foster & Justin Cruise

Robert Axel, Jimmy Johnson and Next Door Ebony

ROBERT AXEL He was fucked by a dildo wearing woman half his size [gallery] at Divine Bitches. This is not Robert Axel's first with a woman.


JIMMY JOHNSON It stated on his profile at MEN that Jimmy Johnson is versatile. Yet, we haven't seen him as a bottom. In his latest scene by MEN, he and Jack King (aka Buddy Davis) fucked Johnny Rapid. Where's the versatility?

Jimmy_johnny_jack_men_01 Jimmy_johnny_jack_men_02 

NEXT DOOR EBONY Their self titled porn sites are coming to an end. So, Next Studios is introducing new porn sites. The latest is called Next Door Ebony. What is wrong about it? Some of its content were already released by another porn site. What a way to start.



CHANGING PORN NAMES FOR BAREBACK PERFORMERS Matt Sizemore sent this comment on a post about Jordan Santoro who changed his name when he worked for a bareback company "Because some performers have been intimidated by studios, such as Titan Media, or agencies, like FabScout, into adopting an alternate stage name -- as admittedly a very thin and ineffective firewall against a blacklist backlash ... As one of the first performers to do bareback in 2003, I flat-out refused to change my stage name, fought back against misguided bullying of the performer by Titan and others and guess what? Nine years later I still work in condom (i.e., recently for Ray Dragon and Joe Gage) and bareback projects (i.e., Dark Alley Media and others). Yet I still see red whenever I hear of a misguided producer or agent who bullies a performer into changing his stage name or threatens him with unemployment. Performers in this milieu -- unlike their counterparts in mainstream entertainment -- have no unions, healthcare or r esiduals to protect or empower them. That, and the hypocrisy of certain 'condom-Nazi' producers, agents and others who attempted to blacklist me, was the reason why I originally left gay porn for a spell back in 2004 ..."

BYE BYE Drake Rock will shut down at the end of the year, Dec 31, 2012 [tip @ James]


NEED MORE WEED :) Cliff Jensen talks about his love for weed all the time on his twitter account. It must be one of the reasons why he is now escorting.