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Double penetration of Harley Everett, brothers at SC, a new look for Delaney

HARLEY EVERETT He has been a bottom in the past. But, Harley Everett has been bottoming more since he started working for Men of UK. His latest is a double penetration with Rogan Richards and Ryan Strokes.


KEITH versus SAM The latest guy Keith (left), according to Sean Cody is Sam's younger brother. Are you Team Keith or Team Sam?

Keith_versus_sam_seancody_0101 Keith_versus_sam_seancody_0102 
Keith_versus_sam_seancody_0103 Keith_versus_sam_seancody_0104 

DELANEY He just showed his new look with his latest scene with Bentley.

Delaney_chaosmen_01 Delaney_chaosmen_02 
Delaney_chaosmen_03 Delaney_chaosmen_04 
Delaney_chaosmen_05 Delaney_chaosmen_06 

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Love is in the air at Helix Studios

I just realized that Helix Studios maybe a conducive place for romance when I read the latest interview posted by James of What The World Does Not Need. Kyle Ross, whose first scene was released by Helix Studios last Dec. 2011, is in a 13 month relationship with Max Carter, who is also an exclusive and has been at Helix Studios since March 2011.


They are not the only couple or couple to be who are working at Helix Studios.

When Brice of Sean Cody became Connor Kline, he included in his twitter profile that he was in a relationship with  Casey Tanner and both of them were exclusive with Helix Studios.


One of the newest exclusive of Helix Studios, Evan Parker, was already dating Levi Karter before Levi worked for Cocky Boys. The two recently shared a photo of them together.


Man Handled is now releasing old content from Lucas Entertainment (tip @ Bo)

From Bo "One of the best new sites, Manhandled.com, looks like it may have suddenly picked up Lucas Entertainment as a partner, or owner. The site is well known for two things: Two-part episodes, and usually cum eating. The last original one was January 4, with Adam Russo fucking Jeremy Stevens. Since then, it’s been all Lucas. Wonder why."

The most recent under Recent Updates on the main page that belongs to Man Handled was released last January 04, 2013.


After January 4, 2013, only old scenes from Lucas Entertainment have been released by Man Handled. If you check the link titled MOVIES, the last 6 scenes are all from Lucas Entertainment.


What's going on at Man Handled?

Next Door's new porn site - Men of Montreal

When Next Door made some changes with their business model last year, they first introduced the porn site Dylan Lucas, which was exciting at the start but soon fizzled out. The last one they introduced was Next Door Ebony, which started on the wrong foot for using content from another porn site.

They are introducing another new site this month.

According to Next Door, the porn site Men of Montreal is the brain child of Marko Lebeau and he will be the one looking for the hottest men and introducing them to the world of porn.

Currently, these are the Men of Montreal that Marko Lebeau supposedly found.


Looking at the latest updates of Men of Montreal, it seems to suggests that it is a weekly update, alternating a solo with an action scene.


It gives you access to 5 porn sites that have stopped updating. But, the archives contains a lot of videos.


Is the $29.95 a month worth it?


The bottom in Stu of SC, Rocco Reed of Men & Paul Canon of BSB and some news

STU No scene as a top, so far. This is the first time for Stu as a bottom. Considering he got fucked, I was expecting he was going to do more like suck a cock or kiss his partner Pavel. But, he did not reciprocate.

Is this scene a sign that Stu will be one of those guys who prefers to bottom since he has difficulty getting hard as a top?


ROCCO REED Two consecutive scenes of Rocco Reed as a bottom were released by MEN. The first one with Topher Di Maggio and the second one with Donny Wright.


PAUL CANON The latest scene released by Broke Straight Boys of Paul Canon's first time as a bottom is proof that bareback maybe back for the porn site but it is not going to be a regular thing.


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Newbies in gay porn & dating - Evan Parker & Levi Karter


The bad news, we won't be seeing them together in a scene for the meantime since both are exlusive porn stars from different studios.

EVAN PARKER [stalk follow here] is currently an exclusive of Helix Studios where he was introduced last December 23, 2012. So far, he has two action scenes released [gallery].


LEVI KARTER [stalk follow here or here] It was recently announced by Cocky Boys that Levi Karter [gallery] is now their exclusive model.


I assume Levi will be the bottom in the relationship. Evan was labelled as top by Helix Studios and Levi's intro included a dildo inside his hole.

If I were to choose between the two, I am more drawn to Levi Karter.

Levi_karter_profile_03 Levi_karter_profile_04

The cute photo of the soon to be a couple?


Fewer updates at Dirty Tony, Riley Price's comeback at Randy Blue, & muscle hunk Cameron Foster (tips @ Paul, Gman, & Jeromme)

DIRTY TONY It seems updates at Dirty Tony went from twice a week to once a week according to GMan "Haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on the porn blogs but Dirty Tony has quietly started only posting one update a week now instead of the two in the past. He used to do a single guy with sometimes having the guy blow him and then a duo later in the week. The updates used to be Tuesday and Thursday each week now there is one either Tuesday or Wednesday of the week and that is it for the site. This is the third week with just one update. I guess the membership is down since he tried offering free viewing for the other website of his Naked Frat House but that site rarely gets updated now too. All signs seem to show that he may follow in Drake Rock's footsteps and close his site as well."


RILEY PRICE It was mentioned on twitter by Riley Price that he will be working for Randy Blue later this month. It's already the 26th of January and yet we don't see any news or updates on twitter from either Riley or Randy Blue. According to Paul "Perhaps the comeback was premature... Riley Price is MIA on twitter and Randy Blue has no comment on him. Surprise"

If you read Riley Price's twitter, he tweeted he was working at RB last January 4, 2014. And, from January 9 to 25, no tweets from Riley. It was only today that he started sending tweets.


CAMERON FOSTER From Jeromme "Just wanted to to let you know that Cameron Foster has been doing some really hot video downloads for the American Muscle Hunks website and I'm just trying to help him get the word out about that."


Is this even allowed for a membership site like American Muscle Hunks to use a photo above of Cameron that is owned by Next Door Studios. Even his underwear is from the same porn studio.