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Barebacking with Devin Moss, 5th pair-up of Tommy Defendi and Phenix Saint, Diesel Washington's new sexual position and some news

Devin Moss According to Tim Tales, this is the first bareback scene of Devin Moss. When I hear/read the name Devin Moss, I associate him with Barrett Long and his work at Corbin Fisher as Jamie.


TOMMY DEFENDI & PHENIX SAINT In the four times that the two shared a scene, Tommy Defendi got fucked in two scenes by Phenix Saint. Phenix never got fucked by Tommy even in their 5th pair-up at MEN.


DIESEL WASHINGTON It can't be a Diesel Washington scene [gallery] without those crazy sexual positions. In his latest scene at Naked Sword, he showed again his "bully" position and a new one, the "baby fuck"?

Sex_positions_diesel_washington_01 Sex_positions_diesel_washington_02 

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Str8 porn star Jack Mason at English Lads, Rod Daily outside NDS, the singer in Paul Canon and some news

JACK MASON Would this be a trend in the UK? Straight porn stars doing solos and maybe more on gay porn sites such English Lads? The latest str8 porn star to work for a gay porn site is Jack Mason, who did a lot of str8 porn scenes (a str8 blog).

Jack_mason_englishlads_01 Jack_mason_englishlads_02 

ROD DAILY It was big news last year that Rod Daily and other exclusives were out of Next Door Studios. The first to release his scene [gallery] outside NDS was Hot House. It will be followed by his scene at Lucas Entertainment which will be released this coming March 08, 2013. For the scene he filmed with MEN, there was no information on its release date.


PAUL CANON He just became hotter in my eyes knowing he plays musical instruments and he sings.

It was also interesting to note that he displayed his faith in God on his twitter profile "I do my best to show the love of God to others."


His latest scene at Broke Straight Boys was released this week where he barebacked Jason.


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Demian Holt's gay porn work outted by Serbian media (tip @ Nico)

It was bound to happen since Demian Holt appeared on tv and print media at Serbia. In 2010, he was Mr Serbia and competed in some male pageants such as Mr. World. His Facebook profile mentioned he was a freelance model.

Mr_serbia_2010_model_01 Mr_serbia_2010_model_02  
Photos above were borrowed from this webpage. 

Earlier this month, Serbian tabloid press outed Demian Holt's gay porn career [article 01, 02, and 03]. According to Kurir (translated by Google) "He appeared in commercials Seka Aleksic and Dare Ladybug , but it seems that ga modeling career is not completely filled, and the Vasa decided to "expand" their horizionte. The muscular god, as they call him, he threw himself into the recording business Pornofilme. He signed a contract with the American production company Lucas Entertainment. How not to make things easy and boring, so it is just another in a series pornoglumaca, Vasa began to film gay porn, which are specialized for Lucas. Art name him Demijan Holt ..."

Mr_serbia_2010_news_gaypornstar_01_blic Mr_serbia_2010_news_gaypornstar_02_alo  

To add insult to injury, Serbia is not a good place for gay men. Just a few months ago, Serbia was in the news due to another ban on gay pride. You should also read the comments, it's more disturbing. Not to worry, under places in Demian's facebook, he is currently in New York.


As for Demian Holt's first gay porn scene, it was released last February 25, 2013 where he got fucked by Michael  Lucas, owner of Lucas Entertainment.

Demian_holt_lucas_entertainment_01 Demian_holt_lucas_entertainment_02 

Hot or not? Jay Bentley and Jed Athens

Jay Bentley [twitter] started his twitter account just last Nov 2012. He is currently an exclusive of Titan Men. So far, he has one scene released, where he was fucked by Jake Genesis, in the movie Momentum. Recently, he filmed two scenes, one with Jesse Jackman and the other one with Leo Dominico.

Jay_bentley_titanmen_001 Jay_bentley_titanmen_01  

Jed Athens [twitter] started tweeting last April 2012. He is versatile. For instance, he got fucked by Donny Wright [gallery], had a flip fuck scene with Dean Monroe [gallery] and he fucked Jed Athens James Ryder [gallery]. If my count was correct, majority of his gay porn work are currently released by Titan Men.

Jed_athens_falcon_titanmen_03 Jed_athens_falcon_titanmen_04  

He does speak his mind.


Roy of Chaos Men was Slone of Sean Cody

He was introduced as Slone by Sean Cody last September 26, 2006. He only had one oral scene released.


He is now known as Roy at Chaos Men.


Bryan of Chaos Men did not mention that there will more more of him in the coming days/weeks/months. But, he already did an oral scene in 2006. Would it mean there will be, at least, an edge or a service video?

Slone_seancody_aka_roy_chaosmen_07 Slone_seancody_aka_roy_chaosmen_08  
Slone_seancody_aka_roy_chaosmen_09 Slone_seancody_aka_roy_chaosmen_010  

First real cock inside Christian Wilde's hole is from Austin Wilde (updated) - NOT THE REAL AUSTIN COCK

We were teased before by Christian Wilde when he fingered himself on camera in more than one occassion.

Then, were teased by The Sword, owned by Naked Sword, last Dec 2012 that he was indeed bottoming to a real cock this 2013.


Before it actually happened, we were first teased by Christian Wilde when he shared photos of himself on twitter with a dildo up his ass.


I am guesssing a few hours ago, it finally happened. Christian Wilde's scene as a bottom was filmed where he was fucked by Austin Wilde.


Here is the proof.


No date of release has been announced by Naked Sword.

UPDATE Unfortunately, I was told by Naked Sword that it was only Austin Wilde's dildo. My mistake for my eagerness to finally see him as a bottom that my brain interpreted it in a different way :)

Orgy at Dirty Tony, first time as a bottom for Sinclair, Stu in a threesome & some news

ORGY I've always wondered how it would feel like being the center of attention in an orgy. Would it be too much work that I need an energy drink? Tyler would know since he was shared by Timo, America and Joey at Dirty Tony.


SINCLAIR I'm curious about what these gay for pays, like Sinclair, think & do before and after their first experience as a bottom. It's like having sex on camera with a woman for the first time for us gay men. What would you be thinking?


STU I would have love this threesome more if Sean Cody made Stu the middle of the sandwich fuck. It's weird to have seen Stu as a bottom  (2nd scene) and then a top (latest scene) but no kissing or cock sucking.


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The model in Grant of Sean Cody (tip @ Holla)

Grant only had a solo released by Sean Cody last June 2011.


He just created an account at Model Mayhem last Dec 2012.

photo @ Michael Anthony Downs

THEN & NOW The photos on the left are from Sean Cody and the photos on right were shared by Grant at Model Mayhem (the source of the photos were not identified).

Then_now_seancody_grant_01 Then_now_seancody_grant_02  
Then_now_seancody_grant_03 Then_now_seancody_grant_04  
Then_now_seancody_grant_05 Then_now_seancody_grant_06  

I know I am sounding like a broken record. But, please refrain from including links and his real name in the comment section. I prefer this post not be listed by search engines when someone searches for his real name. Thank you for your understanding.