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Campbell Stevens is now Jake Wilder (tip @ David)

The country singer in Bryan Cavallo (tip @ Zach)

We all know Bryan Cavallo worked for Corbin Fisher in 2009 and moved to College Dudes in 2010. He is still with College Dudes. In fact, his latest scene was released last month.

Bryan_cavallo_02 Bryan_cavallo_03 

I've also seen him several times on live cam at Flirt 4 Free.


Two months ago, he shared videos of himself singing 4 different songs on You Tube. I first listened to his version of I'm Yours by Jason Mraz. When I  heard his voice, I blurted out WTF! It turned out, he was joking at first with his high pitch voice.

[EMAIL FROM BRYAN "I am requesting the removal of any and all content about me, (real name) from your site. I have spoken with a legal advisor, and this is a violation of my privacy. I will pursue justice against this matter if it is not taken care of in a timely manner. You are not legally permitted to post pictures/videos of me and/or my real identity on your site without my permission. Once again, this is in regards to your article about Bryan Cavallo - Good day!]

The song he wrote - Country Boy.

[requested to be removed]

The other 2 songs.

[requested to be removed]

He did mention his name on the video. If you do a search, he is currently working as a scout for a casting firm for adult entertainment.

[requested to be removed]

Also, like most of us, he made mistakes when he was young.

[requested to be removed]

Again, I am asking everyone not to include his real name and links in the comment section. I prefer search engines not to include this post in the list when one searches for his real name. Thank you for your understanding.

[Bryan Cavallo requested his comments be removed]

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