Campbell Stevens is now Jake Wilder (tip @ David)
Orgy at Dirty Tony, first time as a bottom for Sinclair, Stu in a threesome & some news

The model in Grant of Sean Cody (tip @ Holla)

Grant only had a solo released by Sean Cody last June 2011.


He just created an account at Model Mayhem last Dec 2012.

photo @ Michael Anthony Downs

THEN & NOW The photos on the left are from Sean Cody and the photos on right were shared by Grant at Model Mayhem (the source of the photos were not identified).

Then_now_seancody_grant_01 Then_now_seancody_grant_02  
Then_now_seancody_grant_03 Then_now_seancody_grant_04  
Then_now_seancody_grant_05 Then_now_seancody_grant_06  

I know I am sounding like a broken record. But, please refrain from including links and his real name in the comment section. I prefer this post not be listed by search engines when someone searches for his real name. Thank you for your understanding.