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Posts from March 2013

Hot or not? Tyler Hills, Benson, Elias Konya and Kip Johnson

These were the guys introduced this week that I can see my hand/s reaching for Denz Jr. :)

In no particular order, the 6'6 Tyler Hills (w/o the tattoos) at Southern Strokes, with guy experience Benson of Sean Cody, the lean Elias Konya of Belami Online and the long haired 6'3 Kip Johnson of Extra Big Dicks.

Tyler_hills_southerstrokes_01 Tyler_hills_southerstrokes_02 
Benson_seancody_01 Benson_seancody_02 
Elias_konya_belamionline_01 Elias_konya_belamionline_02 
Elias_konya_belamionline_03 Elias_konya_belamionline_04 
Kiip_johnson_extrabigdicks_01 Kiip_johnson_extrabigdicks_02 

Who were your favorite new guys this week?

ROUND UP Kip Johnson's two looks, Marcus Ruhl in transsexual porn, & foot acrobatics at WH

KIP JOHNSON Two scenes of Kip Johnson were released this week. Hair down for his solo at Extra Big Dicks. A pony tail for his action scene [gallery] at Bait Buddies.

Kip_johnson_two_looks_01 Kip_johnson_two_looks_02 
Kip_johnson_two_looks_04 Kip_johnson_two_looks_05 

MARCUS RUHL He has done gay, str8 and the only thing missing in his porn resume is a scene with transsexuals [gallery]. TS Seduction released his scene as a bottom last Wednesday.

  Transsexual_with_marcus_ruhl_01 Transsexual_with_marcus_ruhl_02

WILLIAM HIGGINS This latest scene at William Higgins with Lucas Pribyl and Milos Zambo is defintely for feet lovers. WH showed how to include feet in different ways.


The str8 porn star in Gabriel Clark (tip @ Hugh)

Gabriel Clark's (aka Gabriel Lenfant) scenes in gay porn are currently released by Cocky Boys. His latest scene was released two weeks ago where he fucked Jett Black [gallery]. It looked bareback on the second photo but it's not when you watch the preview.

Gabriel_clark_str8_porn_cockyboys_01 Gabriel_clark_str8_porn_cockyboys_02 

According to Open Life, using the name Gab, he has 9 scenes with them.


One of the scene titled "Shana's First DP" will be released this coming Friday.


I'm curious. Will one gay porn star such as Gabriel Clark make you join the str8 porn site Open Life?

ROUND UP Pete is back at SC, don't hurt Jimmy Fanz, & Dawson with clothes

PETE His last scene was released last July 10, 2010. He is back again at Sean Cody. This is his first bareback scene where he was fucked by Brandon.


JIMMY FANZ When I think of Fetish Force, I cringe with pain [example 01, 02, 03, 04, 05]. But, Jimmy Fanz's scene was a lot tamer.

Jimmy_fanz_fetish_force_02 Jimmy_fanz_fetish_force_03 

DAWSON Would you rather see Dawson get fucked with or without his shirt?


BigJoe59's thoughts on Fraternity X

My last membership at Fraternity X ended 10/17/12 so I was able to watch "Fuck and Chuck" which was posted on that day.


I figure I'd wait till a substantial amount of new videos were posted before I joined again. You will remember I said I looked at the site every so often just top see what videos had been posted. I was alarmed that at one point a new video wasn't posted for 3 weeks rather than the standard of 2 weeks or even 13 days. Then, they pulled "Frat Bitch" with Jake Lyons from its original post date previous to my membership expiring and reposted it on Dec. 6, 2012.


Now strike #3. The most recent posted video "Half-Time" which was posted on 3/13/13 is not only only 7 1/2 mins. but quite seriously looks like an outtake from "Breed Pretty Boy Hole" which was posted on 1/13/13.


Have you heard anything on the gay porn grapevine has to what the hell is going on at Fraternity X?