Sean Cody vs Corbin Fisher on sex inside a car
The gay and str8 side of Dennis Mikkelsen of Belami Online (tip @ dwd99999 & Alejo)

Jeff of Corbin Fisher was arrested 11 times in a span of six years (tip @ Paul)

The first arrest of Jeff of Corbin Fisher happened on the same month his solo was released in 2007.


His more than 20 scenes were released by Corbin Fisher from January 2007 to March of 2009. He is now 24 years old. He stopped aging (still at 20) at Corbin Fisher, when he left in 2009.

Jeff_corbinfisher_02 Jeff_corbinfisher_03 
Jeff_corbinfisher_05 Jeff_corbinfisher_09 

His arrests started with a DUI, then to possession of marijuana, and his latest, just last Dec 2012, was driving with a suspended license. He was arrested every year. And, in the last six years, he had 11 arrests.

Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_01 Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_02 
Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_03 Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_04 
Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_05 Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_06 
Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_07 Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_08 
Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_09 Mugshot_jeff_corbinfisher_10 
images @ Florida Arrests

This is Jeff's current mugshot last Dec 2012. On his way to work?


Will there be another one this year?

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