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ROUND UP Smoking with JD Phoenix, swimming with Johnny Forza and sharing Dennis' hole

SMOKING I am not a fan of smoking in the bedroom for the fear that something might catch fire. Looking at the photos of JD Phoenix (aka Cole) and Jimmy Roman (aka Eddy Cruz) at Boy Smoking makes me want to put the cigarrette out :)


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Will you miss Jake Genesis?

I was shocked when Queer Pig sent a tweet about the retirement of Jake Genesis in gay porn.


"...I was not forced, coerced, or tricked into doing pornography. I was not economically destitute or without other options. I had low self-esteem, I was depressed, I felt I had nothing to lose and I did not fear or care about the consequences of my actions. My choice was arrogant and it was selfish. I hurt people as a result of the choice that I made..."


"...Pornography does violence to human spirit and, in its effort to display human sexuality openly, pornography perverts it. Pornography destroys families and relationships and lives. Far from being a victimless act, pornography victimizes every single human being involved. The victims of the adult entertainment industry are those who consume pornography and their families but also those involved in the production of pornography and, especially the models or actors..."


"...So I am on a very personal journey. It is a journey of reconciliation, forgiveness, and redemption. Anyone who has followed my career knows that I am a Catholic. As such, the path to reconciliation with God and with the Church is relatively clear: through the ministry of the Church God’s mercy is infinite and His love with without limit. Forgiving myself for what I have done and finding the humility and the words to seek the forgiveness of others is another, more difficult matter..."

[full article]

Jake_genesis_04 Jake_genesis_05

Will you miss Jake Genesis?

Jesse Santana before Corbin Fisher (tip @ Flygal)

Majority us, including me, thought Jesse, now known as Jesse Santana, started gay porn at Corbin Fisher.


Porn archaeologist Flygal unearthed evidence that could contradict the origin of Jesse in gay porn :)

According to her "I believe he did Heartland Boys 3 and Heartland Boys 4 before Corbin Fisher. The 2257 of the Camsondemand videos were 12/05, and the Corbin Fisher videos were 2006."


"I was under the impression he started with CF but it might not be the case. Camsondemand is a small studio and they are distributed via Amvc. The name he goes by is 'Kyle' which I believe is his real name. I ended up being able to verify his tattoo near his groin and his pierced nipples. CF, he had a shaved head but, at Camsondemand, he was pre shaved"


UPDATE: I don't know why but the comments on this post are not showing up.

Porn site news - one is new, one is updating again and one is a copy cat

NEW A email I got from David "Ex-Fratmen Leo (real name Landon) and ex-Fratmen Dmitry (real name Joe), have split from the Fratpad.com and started their own site called USACAMGUYS.COM, should be interesting. Guys look great and still figuring things out but many of the many members are ex members of the Pad that have cancelled their membership because Leo was let go or just tried of all the drama at the pad and the direction it has gone."

Guy on the left is Taj and guy on the right is the owner.

UPDATING AGAIN Remember Suite 703? It's updating again "We are pleased to announce a new scene, starring Kirk Cummings and Trevor Knight, has gone live today for Men Hard At Work. We have more scenes coming as well and may release them each Friday for the next month but that has not been finalized yet, we will keep you posted."


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ROUND UP Ex-lover's first scene, new guy Mick Torrence and screen test of Terry Torson

EX LOVERS It was only last February that Ryan Rose and Bobby Hart became lovers. Their first scene together [gallery], filmed when they were lovers, was just released by Falcon Studios. The two broke up last April 06, 2013 after Bobby was hospitalized because Ryan hit him.

Lovers_ryan_rose_bobby_hart_01 Lovers_ryan_rose_bobby_hart_02 

MICK TORRENCE He was just introduced this week at Broke Straight Boys but we get to watch him too in oral action.


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