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Why Rocco Reed is still in str8 porn (tip @ Johan)

The model in Tanner of Sean Cody (tip @ John)

Tanner is the new guy this week at Sean Cody.

Model_tanner_seancody_01 Model_tanner_seancody_02 
Model_tanner_seancody_03 Model_tanner_seancody_04 

Prior to his work at Sean Cody, he was Mogly at Thunder Arena Wrestling.

Tanner_seancody_aka_mogly_02 Tanner_seancody_aka_mogly_03 
Tanner_seancody_aka_mogly_05 Tanner_seancody_aka_mogly_06 

He also had a portfolio at Wilhelmina Miami.

Model_tanner_seancody_06 Model_tanner_seancody_07 
Model_tanner_seancody_08 Model_tanner_seancody_09 

He was arrested last year for preventing/obstructing the extinguishment of fire.

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