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Posts from May 2013

Sex positions from Jessy Ares, Ashton Webber & Joe Parker

Jessy Ares showed his flexibility while getting fucked by Paddy O'Brian at Lucas Entertainment.


Christian Wilde & Connor Maguire carried Ashton Webber, while trading places in fucking Ashton [gallery].


It was only this year that Joe Parker started to bottom. Ever since then, he has bottomed several times. In his recent scene released, he was carried while getting fucked by Jeremy Stevens.


Anyone has these sexual fantasies?

Three scenes were released this week that had me thinking if anyone had these type of sexual fantasy since I have a boring sex life. I am content with a clean bed and a shower, before and after sex.

MUMMIFICATION Gangster Fuck had a guy wrapped in plastic where initially his mouth and the penis region had an opening.


DIRTY Gay War Games had their guys have sex inside a dirty room.


FOOD Kristen Bjorn had two guys in a threesome with a fruit on the table [gallery].


Upcoming scenes at MEN (tip @ Chris)

MEN just released a new list of their upcoming scenes to be released.

Lawful Entry is the second scene of Tony Paradise as a bottom. This time he got fucked by Tyler Hunt.


Mates Part 4 had Paul Walker fucked by his BFF Paddy O'brian. This is Paul's first time as a bottom.


Men in Blue Part 3 and Slap that Ass are unreleased scenes of Rocco Reed, who is now retired from gay porn.


Gay Scene Investigation 1 & 2 had the hairy Will Helm as a bottom.


Competing for best bottoms are Duncan Black, Johnny Rapid and add Connor Kline to the list.

Men_upcoming_scenes_08 Men_upcoming_scenes_09 
Men_upcoming_scenes_10 Men_upcoming_scenes_11 
Men_upcoming_scenes_12 Men_upcoming_scenes_13 

There are more. I see more scenes of Phenix Saint. Another scene of the married couple - Tomas Brand and Logan Rogue. Check out for yourself the upcomings scenes from MEN. Tell us what you think.

A new theme called PURE from Chaos Men (tip@NikeAthlete)

According to Bryan of Chaos Men "The PURE theme is a bit like the Bossy videos, except instead of being a little more hardcore, they tend to be more romantic, sensual, and wet sexy hotness!"

Pure_theme_chaosmen_01 Pure_theme_chaosmen_02 

"It is a simple shift in energy and location, but really makes a HUGE impact. I wanted the room to be white so it would drop away, making the focus just on the action. We added a lot of body oil. The models that have amazing bodies, really have been getting-off to the muscle-worship it inspires."

Pure_theme_chaosmen_03 Pure_theme_chaosmen_04 

"I have filmed about 8 of these and most will air over the Summer of 2013."

Pure_theme_chaosmen_05 Pure_theme_chaosmen_06 

Like or dislike?

ROUND UP Few scenes left of Leo Domenico, a new look for Ridge, & Tomas Brand with his lover

FEW SCENES LEFT OF LEO DOMENICO According to an interview he gave with Gay Demon, posted last May 08, 2013, he has retired from gay porn. Yet, he is still very active on twitter. One of his few un-released scenes was the latest update at Raging Stallion, where he fucked James Ryder (aka Seth Adams).


NEW LOOK FOR RIDGE His already had a peep and a solo scene released where he had long hair. With his edged scene, his hair was shorter, no more curls.

Ridge_peep_solo_edged_01 Ridge_peep_solo_edged_02 
Ridge_peep_solo_edged_03 Ridge_peep_solo_edged_04 

TOMAS BRAND WITH LOVER The married couple, Tomas Brand Logan Rouge, had a flip fuck scene released by World of Men. One of my fantasies is to have a threesome with a married couple.


Updates at Corbin Fisher

ONE I am not a frequent visitor at CF Select since I find it out of my bugdet to buy only one scene at a time. I am more of a monthly membership type of person like what Corbin Fisher is offering. According to Jason401, CF has been mum on one of their latest project called European Stimulus 1, a DVD where each scenes will be released by CF Select. There were evidences before when you looked at the scenes of its model. But, it's now gone.


TWO I just got information from someone who works at Corbin Fisher. It seems all three sites will somewhat be merged since it will have one checkout process.

Also, there are changes happening in the next 3 to 9 months at Corbin Fisher. But, no details were given "... those latter months being things that do not even exist on any CF site now.  I wish I could hint at what I am talking about - but I bet you can guess...".

Since CF is changing, maybe you can give some suggestions. Who knows, they might inlcude it.

Doppelganger or was Owen of CF an extra at Zac Efron's Townies? (tip @ Piper)

Owen was one of the new guys at Corbin Fisher last month, who also worked for Fratmen as Gale. His recent scene released was with woman.


Recently, behind the scenes photos of Zac Efron for the movie Townies were released. One of the guys behind Zac looked like Owen of Corbin Fisher.


They both had the same hairstyle and hairy legs.

Owen_gale_porntoholloywood_02 Owen_gale_porntoholloywood_03 

Doppelganger or the real Owen of CF?