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The bareback porn star in Armond Rizzo as Joey Rodriguez of Raw Fuck Club (tip @ Bugsy)

Still hot or not? Lukas Ridgeston

Along side Ion Davidov, Lukas Ridgeston was one of my favorites at Belami Online. It was posted last November 2012 by Manhunt that Lukas will be returning in front of the camera this year "At the time, I also wasn’t yet authorized to confirm rumors that, after eight years offscreen, legendary performer Lukas Ridgeston will be returning to Bel Ami to celebrate the occasion. There’s no word as to who his scene partner will be or what the scene will be involve (threesomes? twins?), but it’s guaranteed to be one of the most highly anticipated gay porn events of 2013."

Belami Online just shared photos of Lukas Ridgeston which was part of the version 2.0 movie of The American in Prague.


Still hot or not?

I am hoping for a threesome with Kris Evans and Jim Kerouac, as the bottom. It's going to be LEGEN, wait for it, DARY!