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Posts from June 2013

Hot or not? Robert Drtina

Robert Drtina H: 6'0", W: 187 lbs, FT: 9.1", & Cock: 7.48" uncut

He was introduced by William Higgins last March 2013. So far, he had 4 action scenes released . He got a massage from Adam Rupert. A full contact, as a top, with Vasek Konik. A Czech up, as a bottom, with Ivo Kerk. His most recent scene released was Wank Party 2013 #5 (Part 1) with Lucas Pribyl, Borke Sokol and Jan Faust.

Hotornot_robert_drtina_williamhiggins_01 Hotornot_robert_drtina_williamhiggins_02 
Hotornot_robert_drtina_williamhiggins_03 Hotornot_robert_drtina_williamhiggins_04 
Hotornot_robert_drtina_williamhiggins_06 Hotornot_robert_drtina_williamhiggins_07 

So far, William Higgins has not released a raw scene of Robert Drtina.

There is a rumor that Ashton of CF is coming back to Fratmen

I am saying a rumor since it is hard to imagine/fathom/comprehend/analyze a former Fratmen, who did bareback scenes at Corbin Fisher as Ashton, is coming back to Fratmen/pad.

It was posted yesterday (June 28, 2013) on The Daily Fratmen that Marshall will return via Fratpad.


From Fratmen "Fratmen Marshall will be joining us at the Fratpad this weekend be sure to check him out on our live cams and give him a nice warm welcome home."

Upcoming gay porn star - Tony Orion

According to Tony Orion [twitter], his stats are 173 lbs, 5'8", versatile, 7" uncut cock, and with latino and brazilian blood.

Upcomingpornstar_tony_orion_01 Upcomingpornstar_tony_orion_02 
Upcomingpornstar_tony_orion_03 Upcomingpornstar_tony_orion_04 

If you are not a fan of gay for pays, he is in a relationship with Aleks Buldocek [twitter].

Upcomingpornstar_tony_orion_05 Upcomingpornstar_tony_orion_06 

According to Tony, he got noticed due to his work with FortTroff.com (a sex store with free 5 minute videos of guys in action).


He is coming to San Franciso this July to shoot some scenes with the big studios.

Tony's message to his fans on twitter.

Watching your scene while having sex for Josh and Dixon

I got this email from Terry with the subject "We've all seen some odd things in porn related to models watching stuff like straight porn during performances..." and the message "But today there is something very interesting about the Corbin Fisher update that was just released: Dixon and Josh are actually watching their Selects scene on a laptop while they're performing."

Last January, the first scene of Dixon and Josh was released by CFSelect.


For their second scene, this time at ACM of Corbin Fisher, they watched their first scene while having sex.