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News Items

1. Braden Charron won 2nd place in an open heavyweight division.

Braden_charron_bodybuilding_champion_01 Braden_charron_bodybuilding_champion_02

2. Filed under "I hate two good looking people in love" #jealousmuch, Jessy Ares is now engaged. The two did have a porn scene.


3. Ask a porn star. QMN is asking his readers to send questions to Marco Rubi.


4. Check your emails from Corbin Fisher. You might have been infected with the str8 virus. This was the email that Mark received in his inbox.


5. Remember David of Corbin Fisher? As James, he first worked at Miami Boyz. Why? No tattoos. According to Jackie, he got his tattoo in 2008.

News_david_was_james_miamiboyz_01 News_david_was_james_miamiboyz_02 

6. Porn stars as writers. Christopher Daniel's book will soon be available.


7. Blue Bailey is now a blonde.

News_newlookof_bluebailey_01 News_newlookof_bluebailey_02

8. Now available for human tasting. Vince of Corbin Fisher as an escort [tip @ Jackie]

News_vince_cf_escort_01 News_vince_cf_escort_02

OOOPS! If anyone read the post on Jack Ryan, it was deleted since he is not back in gay porn.


The cross dressers in Mick Gibson, Van Wilder & Tony Douglas (tip @ Richard)

I am not sure if the site has regular updates but Subby Hubby includes a few guys, who did gay porn, doing str8 and/or bisexual scenes.

Mick Gibson as a maid [gallery]


Another porn star who played the maid was Van Wilder, who is now str8 porn star James Kickstand.


Tony Douglas, who is not into black men, in women's clothes [gallery]

Cross_dresser_tony_douglas_01 Cross_dresser_tony_douglas_02

Not in women's clothes but Subby Hubby also had Connor Maguire in a bisexual submission scene [gallery]

Submissive_connor_maguire_01 Submissive_connor_maguire_02

For those who missed Tucker Vaughn (tip @ Bo)

From Bo "This magnificent preppy seems to be making a come-back after two years - he's in the new Hot House video getting plowed (as usual) by Jimmy Roman." [gallery]


"I think this is new and not dredged up from the past because Tucker, whose old look was distinctly preppy and hair was longer, now has a shorter cut like the "new" Lucas Ridgeston."

THENNOW_tucker_vaughn_backingayporn_01 THENNOW_tucker_vaughn_backingayporn_02 

Monsters Cock Week has started at Chaos Men

The first of the three holiday marathons has started at Chaos Men - Monster Cock Week.

Chaosmensale_monster_week_01 Chaosmensale_monster_week_02

For the next 7 days, a solo or an action scene will be released each day. Their first for Monster Cock is a solo of Deryck, measured at 10.5 inch.

Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_01 Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_02 
Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_03 Chaosmensale_monster_week_deryck_04 

According to Chaos Men "I had actually been working a long time to get Deryck in. He was living in Hawaii and we never could quite figure out how best to get him here. He finally moved to the mainland and after a bit of more juggling, we got him here."

Hawaii is the home of Island Studs. Deryck appeared on the porn site in 2011 as Robbie, where his cock was measured at 11 inch.

Chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_02 Chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_03 


THENNOW_chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_01 THENNOW_chaosmensale_deryck_aka_robbie_islandstuds_02