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For those who missed Richard Pierce

It's been two years since a scene of Richard Pierce was released by Randy Blue. For his latest, he was paired with Austin Wolf [gallery].

Backagain_richard_pierce_01 Backagain_richard_pierce_02 
Backagain_richard_pierce_03 Backagain_richard_pierce_04

Nothing much has changed physically on Richard after two years.

THENNOW_backagain_richard_pierce_01 THENNOW_backagain_richard_pierce_02

[sidenote] There was a RUMOR that Austin's real life relationship with Tyler Wolf was all for a show and that Austin was into women. But, on twitter, they seem to be together.


Topher DiMaggio to bottom next at Men

Today (11pm EST) till Saturday (4am EST), Men is offering a $14.95 a month membership for the holidays and announced at the same time that their next big top to bottom for the first time is Topher DiMaggio.


I'm curios how much was Topher paid to bottom for the first time on camera? $5,000? Or, more?

And, who will be his top? 

UPDATE The top will be Lance Luciano, his ex lover.