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Posts from December 2013

Thank you for 2013 and happy new year!

Thank you to Alias74 for the interviews. Without it, we won't get to know more of our favorite porn stars.

Thank you for the tips. Without it, this blog won't be interesting.

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Thank you for all the comments, without it, this blog would be boring.

Thank you to the fellow porn fans who made it a habit to visit this blog.

The tease is over for Jon Saunders aka David Jones etc (tip @ kromatoo)

He has used the porn names Jon Saunders, David Jones, Pater Jackson, Adam Coussins, David Duke, Mike Douglas, Samuel, and more since 2009. He hasn't done a hard core scene in gay porn.

Jon_saunders_englishlads_01 Jon_saunders_englishlads_02 
Jon_saunders_englishlads_03 Jon_saunders_englishlads_04 

It will happen this 2014 via MEN. Last December 15, 2013, Paul Walker tweeted that he shot a scene with Jon Saunders, who is on twitter as @rippedboi.


The scene will be released under MEN of UK.

The model in Smith of CF (tip @ Malthe)

Personally, I think Smith should be the next guy to have a spot in the Dean's list at Corbin Fisher. He is well loved judging from the comments I read on other porn blogs/forum.


Like most porn stars, Smith wants a shot in the modelling world.

[photos requested removed by Smith]

NO! Lets start a "Stay in School Gay Porn" campaign for Smith :)

From top to bottom for Jake Wolf, his 5th porn name (tip @ Zwight)

Before 2011, he used the names Casey Cole at Men Over 30, Steven Cain at Bait Bus, Kain Stone at Bait Buddies and Jeremy Torch at Chaos Men.

Manypornnames_jake_wolf_03 Manypornnames_jake_wolf_04 

Add Jake Wolf to his list of porn names. He had a scene as a bottom at Dallas Reeves. Unfortunately, I don't know the date of production for this scene. So, I can't say that he is back.


Cooper Reed fucked for the second time

It was in July 12, 2012 that Sean Cody released a bareback scene of William, now known as Cooper Reed, as a bottom.


After working for Sean Cody, he worked for different porn studios but most of his condom work were from MEN. Unless I am mistaken (again), all his condom scenes had him as a top.

This week, Chaos Men finally released the second time for Cooper to get fucked in porn, bareback.


FYI Chaos Men is currently having a promo of $9.95 for 15 days access till December 31, 2013.