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Posts from February 2014

Scene review on Hayden & Shiloh from Chaos Men by Alias74

Hayden and Shiloh at Chaos Men [scene]
Production date 11/16/13; Air date 02/28/14
Running time approx 19:39 min.

OVERALL IMPRESSION: While you're wasting your time with the cats over at Next Door Studios and Raging Stallion, Chaosmen.com continues to spotlight uniquely personable and balls out sexy talent! "Legend in the making" Shiloh continues to log stellar adult performances with this latest bareback update. I can take or leave returning performer Hayden here - he eventually snaps out of "eyes-shut-sex-zombie" mode halfway through and into his usual "fucking machine" status - but it's Shiloh's deep-throating, hungry-hole, bottom pig razzle-dazzle that makes this clip WANK WORTHY!



  • Power bottoms take note - THIS is how you run a man in the sheets! Not even 40 seconds and Shiloh is down on Hayden's dick 
  • Great oral section with deep throating - Feel like there should be a "Chaosmen Blow Job Clinic"
  • GREAT CLOSEUP SHOTS of Shiloh's SPREADABLE ass at 9:35 getting fucked in cowboy and awesome deep dicking shots from underneath in doggy later in the vid


  • Hayden cums and then immediately plants his cock in Shiloh’s hole mid length - you can see his dick THROB in orgasm
  • Something you don’t see every day - A transition filmed SOLELY from underneath in real time close up where Hayden goes from fucking Shiloh doggy, pulling out and then Shiloh flips over and Hayden re-inserts. AWESOME!
  • Shiloh licks some of his own cum and then sucks on Hayden’s fingers which have just been fingering his hole (digital ATM?)



  • Hayden seems to have problems getting hard in the beginning - at 1:54 hard edit where he goes from limp noodle to fully hard in an instant
  • Hayden's pretty much a zombie for the first half of the clip - eyes shut, half-hearted sucking and fingering in the 69
  • Shiloh doesn't cum while being fucked


  • Shiloh’s load, though hardly inconsequential, is dribbly and not all that voluminous (could be from all the prostate banging which tends to make it more liquidy)
  • Whatever lube they use starts to get creamy, white, and cakey at one point - rather distracting - then it disappears in the next shot

SCENE MVP: Clearly being groomed by site owner-director Bryan Ockert, Shiloh - tall, lean, sporting a trademark, immediately identifiable chest tat, hung with a great caboose - really shines here and is poised as the next breakout star on Chaosmen. From his previous "Prentice: Serviced" clip (one of the BEST ORAL VIDS this year across the web HANDS DOWN!), we know he can suck the chrome off a bumper, and his BJ skills in this clip don't disappoint! (Check minute 3:48 for some great deep throating action). And while his first bottoming clip was a little tentative, here it's clear - this kid was MADE TO BE FUCKED! Bryan very wisely keeps the camera on him in each position. Cowboy, doggy, missionary, Shiloh's hole takes quite a deep-dicking from Hayden (and love watching his ass cheeks ripple from the bang!)...and bonus: Kid's got a kinky side (at the end we get a little bit of him eating his own cum and sucking on Hayden's hole-fresh fingers).

FYI Chaos Men is back with $9.95 promo for 15 days.

From Jonathan Agassi in 2010 "I will never participate in bare back gay porn"

Jonathan Agassi posted the Q&A he had with his fans in 2010 on his website. One of his reply was "I will never participate in bare back gay porn… I said it before, I think porn is hot enough as it is… no need to legitimize irresponsibility, and I'm happy to be a part of company that supports condom use."


This week, two bareback scenes of Jonathan Agasssi were released. One with Draven Torres for Lucas Entertainment and the other one with Jed Athens for Lucas Raunch.


FYI Lucas Entertainment is still running the $14.95 a month membership promo.

Was Jess too horny for Peter? (tip @ Bo)

This was the email I got from Bo regarding the scene of Jess with Peter.

Today's SC features the return of Jess whose dick and Peter's dick are both enormous (they compare) and in what may be a first, Jess breeds Peter three times - twice in the video and one in the BTS which was, apparently, the practice scene. But from what I can gather, Peter was so tight that Jess came almost as soon as he penetrated Peter. In fact, the cameraman says "I've been around here for a long time and I've never seen anyone come from a penetration shot…how tight are you?" 


WEIRD Top to bottom for Joey Carter from MEN

MEN just released their latest scene for their category Top to Bottom where Christian Wilde fucked Joey Carter. It means, Joey had a handful of scenes as a top and he finally agreed to be the bottom.


Searching for Joey Carter on Google. It resulted to a solo released by Randy Blue in 2012.

Joey_carter_toptobottom_04 Joey_carter_toptobottom_05

There was also a Joey Carter listed on IAFD (no profile photo) and TLA Video had a list of movies for Joey Carter. However, it listed he bottomed in a movie released in 2005. So, it couldn't be him.


On twitter, he just joined last month and his media all contained solo shots of him.

Probably, Joey used a different porn name in the past, where he topped. Anyone knows?

RIP Quentin Elias (tip @ Nico)

In gay porn, Quentin Elias was known as Q at Randy Blue, where his two solos [gallery 01 & 02] were released last March 2008.


According to Nico "He was French, with an Algerian background, initially member of Alliage boys band here, before moving to a somewhat erratic career in reality TV, modeling, soft porn with Randy Blue. AFAIK, he never shot male-male porn, just jerk off scenes." News of his death is widely reported by French media.

(translated in English)

The cause of his death remains unclear.