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Brutus Butler of Randy Blue is also Chris Buff of Flirt 4 Free (written by James)

You may have seen a recent Randy Blue model named Brutus Butler. I like 'em big, and he fits the bill at 6'4" or 6'5", 220 lbs., and he's packing 8.5" in his pants.

Brutus_butler_randyblue_001a Brutus_butler_randyblue_001b

I realize many readers of gay porn review sites eye-roll hard when they hear this, but he does claim in his RB solo to be bisexual (says he's has sex with both men and women). In talking to him online, I would wager he's telling the truth (or has several gay friends from whom he's learned a lot).

You can find his RB profile here [gallery].


As with many RB models, he's also been doing RB cam performances.


Tonight, I saw he's just recently joined Flirt4Free under the name Chris Buff [room page].


I chatted a little with him tonight. He says again in person that he's bi and almost never watches porn because he has sex very frequently with both men and women. He says he's a very dominant top, and he says he's, "really rough to bottoms. I tear them apart." I asked him if he was doing any more scenes with RB (so far he's only had the solo). He says he wants to do another, topping I presume. I can't imagine RB turning him down, plus he said he has a couple of friends who also work for RB as models who got him on there.


It seems he's also done some other gay work. He said he'd done some gay wrestling scenes before, but it didn't involve oral/anal. Basically the loser of each round has to remove an article of clothing, and at the end, they jerk off together. I'd be interested if anyone knows where it was. He said on F4F he couldn't give out the links.

If anyone wants to visit him on F4F, I do recommend him. But I'll say this, he just joined a few days ago and already has several scenes in his archive (he's already done 31 recorded cam shows since March 19th). He's been busy, and when I took him private he mentioned he'd already blown five loads today for shows. So you might want to catch him earlier in the evening/day. Either way... the guy's a bit of a beast.


[written by James]

With and without condoms for Trent Ferris, who started at College Dudes (tip @ Deran)

Trent Ferris did start at College Dudes where he had more bareback than condom scenes released.


He left College Dudes and went to work for different studios such as Extra Big Dicks [gallery], Circle Jerk Boys [gallery] and Next Door Twink [gallery].


He is the latest update at Sketchy Sex, a bareback scene titled Fill Dumster --> Exit.


Jay Valentine, who faked his STD test result, is now Santiago of Chaos Men (tip @ Alias74)

In str8 porn, he did use the name Jay Valentine. He was fired from the set, while doing still shots, for altering the date of his test result. Due to the incident, he changed his str8 name to Alessandro Savage. Unfortunately, his new name was short lived since it has been deleted or renamed (?).


In gay porn, he used the porn names Will Evans and Liam Soto [gallery 01, 02, & 03].


Today, his solo at Chaos Men was released, where he was given the name Santiago.

  Liam_soto_will_evans_jay_valentine_alessandro_savage_aka_santiago_05 Liam_soto_will_evans_jay_valentine_alessandro_savage_aka_santiago_06 

He did have a Peep video released by Chaos Men last January 2014 but it has been removed (?).


[CM @ $9.95 for 15 days]

Scene review by Alias74 on Porter and David of Sean Cody

PORTER AND DAVID BAREBACK (20 minutes, March 28, 2014)


Overall Impression: Sean Cody is all about gorgeous, in shape, all American, straight guys doing gay things on camera. Add to that a now signature camera style (more on that later), and you have Sean Cody's aesthetic. And while that formula tends to pay off more often than not, absent any stellar chemistry, most of the scenes end up just being a serviceable pairing - Hot, boner-inducing but not really anything to write home (or to a blog) about. Enter "Porter and David: Bareback" - David as usual is an impressive stud, exuding his ginger "Alpha Male" masculinity on cute, elfin-like Porter's national treasure-esque bubble butt. David gives us another Sean Cody trademark - the "Top Only" performance as he merely gets serviced and fucks. Minor quibble because David does this extremely well! Porter lives up to his role of "accommodating bottom" - sucking, teabagging, light rimming, and taking David's long, gorgeous veiny cock to the hilt, and by the second portion of the sex scene (after the first cum shot - yet another Sean Cody trademark: Two money shots per clip), Porter takes some pretty violent fucking from David (push-up fucks!).

And yet…..not really a scene to write home about. Just so-so. The chemistry between the two really doesn't start to twinkle until all that aggressive fucking happens ¾ into the clip when David goes all Christian Grey while Porter lets his inner sex pig out. I guess SC scenes can kinda be like pizza: Even when it's fair to middling, it's still…..PIZZA! DOWNLOAD AND WATCH LATER.


  • Make out lovers rejoice - The guys spend about 2 minutes or so making out, touching, tickling and teasing each other before closing escrow.


  • Porter's oral skills (short lived as they are) are fairly impressive - THIS is how you give a blow job, people: All mouth, no hands. David seemed to love it!


  • Want proof of Porter's ample booty? Check out the weird circular tan line at the top of his ass-crack: This only happens when someone is so callipygous, the butt cheeks sorta bunch up and don't get the sun exposure/tanning bed exposure. HOT!

Scene_review_alias74_porter_david_04 Scene_review_alias74_porter_david_05

  • EXCELLENT camera work: The entire clip is chock full of what I think is SC's signature cinematography - capturing the action in medium, zooming in for closeups of the action, zooming back, panning and moving the camera around the performers and then back again. Watch EACH position as its captured this very same way! I love this - it gives a real time sense to everything like you’re in the room.
    • Check out minutes 14:34 through 15:41 - shot starts at an angle HIGH up (love those long lenses) and the camera moves down and around the performers to ground level (look close above Porter's head and you’ll see where the camera man was standing on the bed at the beginning of the shot)
  • HELICOPTER!!!!! As in, when a bottom is erect and bounces on the top, his cock starts twirling like the blades of a…...helicopter! (see what I did there?) You so rarely see one executed as well as Porter does at minutes 7:52 - 8:23
  • David's cumshots are MASSIVE: his first literally hoses down Porter's ass in cum-showers (David even fucks, pulls out and lets his cock squirt hands free a few microseconds before jacking out the voluminous, body wracking loads). His seconds sends four ROCKETS over Porter’s head (check out the cum stains on the blanket far past Porter in the camera panning end shot).


  • Behind the Scenes clips reveals why Porter only has one cumshot: he accidentally came while filming... We see the outtake and a wonderful exploding money shot.
    • FYI Porter is using the Masters and Johnson Squeeze Technique despite his  flat out denial of using it. 



  • Again, slow burn chemistry that doesn't really develop until the scene is practically over.
  • David tops only and nary reciprocates…. even tacitly throws his legs up in the air during the oral portion as if to order Porter to rim him (it doesn't last very long and isn't captured very well).
  • As good as the cinematography is, at times there are too many shadows - Ever heard of 360 degree lighting???? Look into it, please.
  • Major inconsistent editiing - we go from clothes on teasing STRAIGHT into naked David with a hard cock; later just as the helicopter gets going there a head scratching soft fade, mid-action into the start of doggy style. What gives? This is classic, choppy editing style that kills the momentum the photography builds up (sadly another hallmark of Sean Cody clips).
  • Even stranger editing? After Porter cums with David inside him, there’s a quick fade to David standing and jacking himself off. And then there’s no B camera replay for the second money shot (???)

Who had the hottest update this week?

Randy Blue had Richard Pierce and Kurtis Wolfe (condom).

Hottestupdate_randyblue_01 Hottestupdate_randyblue_02

Cocky Boys had Gabriel Clark and Chris Harder (condom).


Broke Straight Boys had Vadim Black and JJ Matsters (bareback).


Tim Tales had the porn site owner Tim Kruger and Gabriel Vanderloo (condom).


Lucas Entertainment had Goran and Marco Rubi (condom).


MEN of UK had Paddy O'Brian, Leo Domenico and Dato Foland (condom).


Big Daddy had Jan Faust and ? (bareback).


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