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Posts from April 2014

Site updates on Next Door Wold, Next Door Buddies, Chaos Men, Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion

Next Door World is a compilation of scenes released by Next Door Studios. It brags that content comes from 15 porn sites but only 5 are actively updating such as Next Door Twink & Next Door Buddies. The rest have stopped updating such as Cody Cummings & Marcus Mojo. The site now include a bonus scene, which I presume comes from their unreleased archives. Therefore, expect 6 new scenes per week.


Next Door Buddies now include solos from their Next Door Male site.


  • Both sites have the same monthly membership price. So, it's dumb to join Next Door Buddies. For the same price, Next Door World gives you more scenes per week.

The new web design for Chaos Men is now official, thanks to Jason401 for letting me know. The profile of each model (example) is a huge improvement.


Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion are now updating 3 times a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Unfortunately, the two sites are swapping content so they can update 3 times a week. Hopefully, this practice will end and an original scene be added.


Is Jaxton Radoc gay or bi? (tip @ TrisWang) **updated**

Jaxton Radoc is gay since he can remember according to his own blog "As long as I can remember I've know I was gay and had a passion for cock!"

UPDATE The blog is not owned by Jaxton but by Staxus. Therefore, it is not a personal statement from Jaxton.


He is bisexual according to his Cam4 profile.


He is heterosexual and bi curios according to his Chaturbate profile.


He was only bisexual just to attract people to his page in a Q&A with his fans. Don't misinterpret him. He has a boyfriend and considers himself gay.

UPDATE Via DM on twitter, he said gay porn was just a job and all about earning money. The label regarding his sexuality on his live cam show was to attract more people. I think this is proof that a lot of gay men still prefer watching bi or str8 men.


He had sex with woman over a year and a half ago.


Is Jaxton Radoc gay, bisexual or flexisexual?

Scene review of Alias74 on Cooper Reed and Jonas of Chaos Men


Overall Impression: Chaosmen is my "desert island" porn site (as in "if you were stranded on a desert island and could only watch one site") - creator/director Bryan Ockert has an amazing eye for filming porn between hot models who are mostly straight, gay for pay, and/or curious. And while the "gay-for-pay" conundrum seems to be a problem for other sites (*cough, cough* I'm looking at you NDS and MEN.com), Ockert has an uncanny ability to coax appealing and boner-inducing performances from nearly all of his models. "Cooper & Jonas: PURE" is no exception!


Part of a theme series, this scene features two in-shape, big-CURVY-dicked hotties bone-ing away against a completely white backdrop (white bedding, white walls, white wrestling singlets - you get the point). Jonas is so cute with his blonde hair, pink skin (check out his beat-red, sunned face) and skater look, but the real star here is pro performer Cooper - the studly ex military, southern hottie, formerly of Sean Cody, Men.com, and Dominic Ford. His elfish, manly looks compliment his bouncing, power bottom style (apparently he likes pussy but knows how to squat and gobble dick!). The entire clip with its photography and editing has a real time, "fly on the wall" feel. Would have liked to have seen a more aggressive fucking from Jonas (he's essentially Coop's glorified sex toy in this clip), but again, this one's all about Cooper's bubble butt getting invaded! WANK WORTHY!

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Who had the hottest update this week?

Bad Puppy had a bareback scene with Milan Neoral and Vlado Tomek.


Lucas Entertainment [50% off] had a bareback double penetration of Jed Athens by Drew Sumrok and Nova Rubio.


Kristen Bjorn had a foursome [gallery] with Valentino Medici, Sergio Moreno, Wagner Vittoria and Diego (condom).


Belami Online had a bareback scene with Daniel Mathis and Brian Jovovich.


Corbin Fisher had the first bottoming scene of Colt by Jacob (aka Bobby).


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A retrospective review on Vander and Ace Kidman (written by ST)

Scene Impression The best showcase for why Vander (aka Marc of CF) is the greatest thing ever and probably the only fucking scene WORTH SEEING that Vander is ever going to be in. And, it serves as a reminder that Vander is wasted at Chaos Men.


Vander, as always, with his passion for fucking, his big thick ever hard cock, can do no wrong, the difference here being that he's paired with a equally hot and gay partner, Ace (aka Adam Wirthmore). I'd like to stress the point that both are gay, you put together two gay dudes as hot as they are and have chemistry, you get hardcore fucking that both want more of everything and both want to give 120%.

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