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Who had the hottest update this week? (07/26/14)

Real or fake? Brandon's twitter account

When QMN posted the story that Brandon of Sean Cody was on twitter, I did ask Sean Cody (via their support email add) for confirmation since the porn studio and their models are not on twitter. The reply I got was "I do not have any information about seancody.com models' activities outside seancody.com".


Yesterday, the story of Brandon of Sean Cody asking for money to move to LA and calling a fan a "doochbag" for asking for proof of identity were posted by QMN, The Sword and Str8 Up Gay Porn.


So, I asked Sean Cody again. I got this reply "I do not have any details about model accounts on social media. Most social media accounts are created by fans. All social media account requesting for money should be looked at with caution.".


Up to now, the Brandon twitter account is up. But, the Tanner of SC twitter account is gone after the interview by Str8 Up Gay Porn was posted. And, Mac of Sean Cody issused an apology after his twitter comment posted on his real name account - two scenes of him were later released.

This leads me to believe (if he is still under contract) that Brandon is not on twitter, even if Hunter Page confirmed it, since Sean Cody is unable to remove the account.