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REVIEW on CF's Jacob & Kellan tag Brayden by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION: Hovering somewhere between "Not aggressive or kinky enough" and "Not soft enough to be a boyfriend experience", Corbin Fisher's newest tag team clip - showcasing blond god Jacob and aber-zombie Kellan using bottom-boy, elvish Brayden - is a misbegotten hard-core exercise and one woeful reminder of the past magic of the "Tag Team" clips of yore. Individually, each one of these performers has done stellar before, and the combination should have been electric....so what went wrong? Well, for starters, everyone seems to be holding back: in my opinion, past CF tag team clips were all about the aggressive-ness of the tops essentially "taking"/using the bottom who often surrended to the pleasure/pain aspect of getting "tagged". Here though, we get treated to faux facefucking in the oral portion (they are literally just resting their hands on Brayden's head), robotic, lifeless actual fucking (Jacob and Kellan for most of the clip seem to only put half of their prodigious cocks in Brayden), and chopped up, disjointed editing that breaks up the momentum, giving off a collective "play-acting"/"going through the motions" vibe to the entire encounter. And even the faux-kinky-ness of light spanking, toe-sucking, cock to cock hopping, and the rare triple money oral shot wherein all the performers get cum blasted into their mouths can't save the clip from ruin.


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Brandon of Corbin Fisher is also Frank of Sean Cody (tips @ Terrence, Grant & Men Sparkle)

It happened again. Another Bobby aka Jacob scenario, wherein Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher seemed to be sharing one guy. But, as it turned out, he (Jacob) was working for Corbin Fisher.

Brandon [profile] was introduced by Corbin Fisher last August 12, 2014.  A week later, his str8 scene was released.



Today, his solo as Frank [profile] at Sean Cody was released.


What do you think of Brandon aka Frank, is he now exclusive to SC or still with CF?


[tipster's blog - Men Sparkle]

Hot or not? Threesome

Today, I noticed three studios released a threesome scene.

Corbin Fisher had Jacob (aka Bobby), Kellan (aka Cody Blackford) and Brayden (bareback).


Helix Studios had Evan Parker, Kody Knight & Luke Allen (condom).


Staxus had Billy Rubens (aka Ryan Young etc), Kamyk Walker & Will Sims (bareback).


I did not include in my count the latest threesome update at World of Men since it is a 2012 scene released by Alpha Males.

Deal or no deal? $10 at Next Door World

3 sites under Next Door Studios are having a $10 sale from today till Sept. 04, 2014 - Next Door Male (NDM), Next Door Buddies (NDB) and Next Door World (NDW).

You have two choices for the monthly membership - $10 for streaming only (no downloads) or a $10 discount if you want the option to download each scene.


If you are tempted, I would recommend Next Door World. Why? NDB includes content from NDM but NDW includes content from NDM & NDB.