Porn stars can read :)
The str8 porn star in Sebastian Young

Leo Cooper committed suicide & documented his last moments on Facebook (tip @ Lalo)

He did have a lot of gay porn names (IAFD & GEVI). He used Leo Cooper in majority of his scenes.


It was reported last April 2014 by Czech websites of the suicide of Milan Milichar (one of his gay porn names), where he documented his last moments on Facebook.

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He earned 11 million for his work in gay porn - roughly $500,000 in US dollars (around $3000 per scene).


But, he was unable to find a steady job "He was a decent guy, trying to work. But whenever he came into a new job for a while be known that spun and had to leave. He is truly an extremely well-known actor (see list of films where he played the porn star). Milan so he could not accept the fact that his people constantly blaming his former career."