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Porter works for both Sean Cody and Andrew Christian (tip @ Robert)

It was posted by QMN recently that Porter was the new face of Andrew Christian.


Last week, Sean Cody released his scene with Oliver.

Porter_seancody_action_01 Porter_seancody_action_02

It seemed like he was working for both companies. He is. According to his Star Now profile "I work with Andrew Christian Underwear out of Los Angeles I also am contracted with Cody Media out of San Diego."

Porter_seancody_model_01 Porter_seancody_model_02 

FYI Porter also shared a clip on You Tube (2013) where that dammed scar on his chin made him admit he was bisexual :)

Porter as Jacob for Andrew Christian on Facebook

Tristan Sommers joined the military and came back with more tattoos (tip @ Adrian)

Majority of his gay porn work [gallery 01, 02, 03, 04, 05 and 06] from 2008 to 2010 were released by Helix Studios.


He left gay porn and joined the military.


For his comeback in gay porn, the first to release a scene was Gay Room where he was paired with Aldo Grey. Two scenes [gallery] of the two were released, one as a top and the other as a bottom.


FYI He did a Q & A with porn fans via Ask.fm

  • He did not have a hard time being gay in the military.
  • He slept with three women.
  • His best sexual experience was a double penetration.
  • His sexual fantasy is a gang bang as the bottom.

He has a new boyfriend.


Tristan Sommers @ Twitter

REVIEW on Michael Lucas Fucks Lucas Knight Raw by Alias74


OVERALL IMPRESSION: I think the biggest surprise here is the fact that the owner and namesake of an international gay porn studio (that's MR. Michael Lucas to you!) allowed the release of such a lackluster bareback scene that he performed in himself. Don't get me wrong: there are moments here where Michael Lucas (referred to herein after as "ML") - he of the impossibly smooth and almost vampirically young face, hot bod, and legendary uncut weapon of ass destruction - really turns up the juice, going to town on Lucas Knight's delicious booty and enviable huge dong (which for the most part doesn't really get super rock hard until the end). But the chemistry is just not there! Despite some hot splashes of kink, the awkward kissing, periodic stilted robotic fucking, odd camera-work and choices in editing (this beast of a clip runs 38 patience-straining minutes) give this scene a real "paint by numbers" feel with the admittedly HOT performers seemingly just going through the (porn) motions.


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Then & Now on Brad Rioux (tip @ Adrian)

Looking at the release dates of his videos, Brad Rioux started in gay porn in 2000. He took a break from 2004 to 2013, according to his website.

[photos were requested removed by Brad Rioux]

He is back this 2014. He has done scenes with [gallery] and without the use of condoms [gallery].

Thennow_bradrioux_menofmontreal_01 Thennow_bradrioux_menofmontreal_02 

THEN [Squirtz] & NOW [Brad's twitter]. The new tattoos (stars & lines on his arm) are not real. Just painted on him for the Quebec pride.

[photos were requested removed by Brad Rioux]

Jean-Daniel Chagall has been doing live cam shows at Flirt 4 Free this 2014

The latest condom free scene at Belami Online is the second part of the bareback threesome scene of Kris Evans that included Jean Daniel Chagall, who started working for the studio in 2009.

Jean_daniel_chagall_belami_live_flirt4free_01 Jean_daniel_chagall_belami_live_flirt4free_02 

A few hours ago, Jean Daniel was online at Flirt 4 Free


He has been doing live cam shows since June 2014. He is now 30 years of age and considers himself as bisexual.


Is this proof that he is out of Belami Online? But, don't worry, George Duroy has a habit of amassing a number of scenes of its stars so you won't feel they left Belami Online even if you reached 100 years old :)

The model in Johnny V (tip @ Alias74)

Johnny V and lover Joey D managed their own website called American Muscle Hunks.


Then, Johnny V joined the Falcon Studios Group as an exclusive. He now has two scenes [gallery 01 and 02] released, via Hot House. He did film a scene with Ryan Rose for the movie Naughty Pines, but it has not been released yet.



His first Model Mayhem account was removed (?) and he created a new one last April 2014. It mentioned he works full time in a International Freight Forwarding company. So, his website and new porn career does not pay well? (photos via Allan Spiers, Dave Ouano & Carl Proctor)




Johnny did an interview for QMN.