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Brody's work at Sean Cody, Adonis Lounge and as an escort (tip @ Gary & Iz)

The update yesterday at Sean Cody was a scene of Brody and Blake [scene info].


On that same day as Brody' scene was released, he was one of the strippers (as Brandon) at Adonis Lounge in WEHO.


He did have a twitter account but it has been deleted (or renamed?)

If you want to personally taste him, he does escort under the name VegasMuscle.


And, he is on Planet Jocky Boys at Bentley.


High Performance Men - an unintentional chuckle? (written by Jerry)

This week's clip at "High Performance Men" is called "The Demon Inside", and features Phenix Saint topping Jake Jennings [gallery]. 


The site description of the clip reads: "The Warlocks are conjuring up the demons tonight in a satanic ritual that will bring the demon into the real world. Jake and Phenix begin to chant the sacred words that will bring forth the demon. They stand in the middle of the pentagram kissing while slowly turning."


They do not know what to expect so they begin to fuck in the middle of the pentagram as Phenix rides Jakes cock deep and hard. The evil power begins to come forth turning Phenix into the demon as he rides Jake. The demon screams and takes control of Phenix's body, bending Jake over and pounding deep inside. Jake is shocked and ready to be the demon's slave for all eternity. The demon fucks him throughout the night until he spews his evil seed all over the willing slave.I always enjoy clips with costumes and plots and there are certainly plenty of them at Halloween time."

I give the studios a lot of credit for being fun and creative. But I wonder if this one might have been scarier if they had drawn an actual pentagram instead of a Star Of David?   :^)


Have a great Halloween!!

[sent by Jerry via email]

[High Performace Men gives you access to sites under Pride Studios]

REVIEW The week that was at Corbin Fisher by Alias74

Corbin Fisher scenes from 10/20/2014 to 10/24/2014 AKA "Revenge of the Limp Dicks"


10/20/2014 - Kellan Plows Brayden (Running Time: 18:11 minutes): Ostensibly an advertisement for the Liberator Esse Chaise sex furniture, this match up with two legends of the CF stable should have been hotter than what actually appears on screen. Don’t get me wrong... there is some major BLAZING HOT sex going on - Kellan is a rock hard fuck machine here (his cum shot is one for the record books in terms of volume and amount), and there is a HISTORIC CF moment (read on below) - but the clip feels rushed, disjointed and perfunctory. It's hastily shot/edited to the point where just as things seem to heat up in the clip's various sections, the action changes. AND... Brayden is such a natural and amazing performer it is a HUGE turn off for me that he appears semi-hard if not limp through most of this clip. Oh what could have been. (On the fence about this) DOWNLOAD AND WATCH LATER.

Things to look out for:

  • I need to buy one of these Esse Chaises! Watch at 14:39 as Kellan expertly uses the Esse chaise to focally rock Brayden’s body back and forth by just tilting his legs up and down, using him essentially as a sex toy. WOW!
  • GAPE ALERT! 12:27 and beyond - Kellan spreads open Brayden's cheeks during the doggy portion, pulls out, shoves in, pulls out hands free.
  • HISTORIC - I think this is the FIRST time I've seen a position change STRAIGHT TO CUM SHOT in one unbroken take (minutes 13:45 to 15:16)
  • WTF???? There’s a weird cartoon blip sound effect at 15:15 (?)

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Cafe Cafig left Broke Straight Boys for Dallas Reeves (tips @ DK & Oz)

Cage Cafig shared his dissapointment with Broke Straight Boys on social media last February 2014.


He is now working with Dallas Reeves. His first scene [gallery] was released by its sister site Wank This, where he was paired with Mishka Voxx. And, he is part of the Halloween foursome by Dallas Reeves to be released this coming Friday.


Vadim Black left Broke Straight Boys for Dallas Reeves but came back because of his bad experience with Dallas Reeves. Will Cage have a similar experience?

Cage Cafig @ Twitter

From condom to bareback for Jimmie Slater (tip @ Lubiano)

In 2009, as Jimmy Guy at Broke Straight Boys, he had two hard core scenes released, one as a top to Austin and a flip fuck scene with Diesal.


He did work for other studios, as Jimmie Slater, such as Naked Kombat (2012) with Shane Erickson [gallery], Circle Jerk Boys (2009), Extra Big Dicks (2009) and a solo at TIM Jack (2013).





This 2014, he has been doing bareback porn for Dudes Raw and Lucas Entertainment.