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Posts from December 2014

Out with a bang this 2014?

You voted for your favorite condom and bareback porn site. Did the winners released their last scene for 2014 with a bang?

CONDOM [poll results]

At #2, MEN had an orgy with  Aaron Bruiser, Charlie Harding, John Magnum, Luke Adams and Rikk York.


The winner Randy Blue released the scene [gallery] of Jay Lanford and Jayden Tyler, whose last scene was in June 2013.


[3rd is Cocky Boys, 4th is Gay Hoopla]

BAREBACK [poll results]

At #2, Corbin Fisher had a POV scene with Kellan and Tiffany.


The winner Sean Cody relased the solo of Davis.


[3rd is Chaos Men & 4th is Belami Online]

THANK YOU for 2014!

THANK YOU to Alias74 for sharing your reviews.

THANK YOU for the tips you shared to me. It made the blog more interesting to read.

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THANK YOU to the commenters, who took the time and shared their thoughts.

THANK YOU to those who visited this blog and made it a part of their porn life.


Will bareback scenes decrease in 2015?

I think it started last Christimas of 2011 when Sean Cody decided to film 100% bareback. After that, porn studios either went 100% bareback or filmed both condom and bareback scenes. Last September (this news?), a gay porn studio in Nevada had a potential transmission of HIV. It is only now that majority of us (porn bloggers and fans) are talking about it.


Will this news create changes in the bareback industry this 2015?

CONGRATULATIONS! Jesse Jackman and Dirk Caber are engaged!

A few days before Christmas, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris got engaged. Today, Christmas day, Jesse Jackman shared the news that he and his lover Dirk Caber are now engaged!


Christmas tweets from porn stars (Part 2)

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