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Posts from March 2015

Another gay porn star who is religious - Javy D (tip @ Men Sparkle)

A few days ago, I made a post on Paddy O'Brian being religious. Add Javy D [twitter], who is new to gay porn, to the list of religious porn stars. So far, he had scenes released by My Friend's Feet, Straight Fraternity [gallery 01, 02, & 03] and Tickled Hard. He still has an unreleased scene from Thunder Arena.


He was stripper of the month this March.


He feels blessed.


@ Men Sparkle

A porn fan's opinion on the oral instructions from Cody Cummings

I'm sure you have submitted many articles regarding Cody Cumming's inability to thoroughly engage in gay sex. Over the years he has done videos in which he has been faked fucked but his latest video [gallery] is sure to draw criticism as it teeters on the verge of ridiculous.


Fake fucking is for the most part, understandable, if the actors is straight as bottoming can be difficult and for some perhaps emasculating. However, pretending to give head to a dildo while instructing a gay couple while being serviced by a gay man just screams ridiculous. Lean forward or get out of gay porn!

[sent by Genesis157 via email]